How to look slimmer

Our weight tends to vary.Do not we all wear the smallest size.Most dreams of to lose weight.And the clothes here plays an important role.In some ways you can look slimmer, but something is complete.the choice is yours.

is not necessary to close every centimeter of your body, if you have a few extra kilograms, but not all the tips you fit.The most important thing to understand - get the advantages and emphasize them.Find your style and stick to it.

When you gain weight, your usual clothing becomes too tight.No need to panic.Just keep in reserve some "thick" of things on this case.Take it easy, and after a while you're back to normal.
And here we have tried to gather some tips that will help you look slimmer.

Choose things fit.Too tight and too loose stuff will make you visually larger.
Prefer saturated dark tones - black, dark blue, gray.
Pick-colored things in one color, no patterns.
Avoid horizontal stripes.Cheaper look thin vertical and diagonal stripes.Wear
large decorations to distract attentio

n from problem areas.
Avoid baggy sweaters and T-shirts.
Always try on clothes.Different manufacturers of different table sizes.
Avoid folds.Skirts and pants classic straight cut - the easiest way to find harmony.
Pants with low waist visually lengthen the torso.
To look long legs, long skirt should be just above the knee.
Avoid frills.Additional assembly material only add an unnecessary amount.
If you have a prominent bust, take a good bra.
Avoid shiny fabrics such as velvet and satin.
High heels add you to grow and make your legs slimmer.That is why the models on the catwalk just strode in heels.
Dark tights also help your feet become slimmer.But patterned leggings best not to wear.
If you like sleeveless dress, cover her shoulders a shawl or a scarf suitable.
In order to visually lengthen the body well suited to open-collar shirt with V-neck and a deep oval neckline.
not take small bags.Replace them with bags of medium size.
dress with matching color cloak can hide unwanted creases.
Pick a belt or shoes matching skirt or trousers, to visually lengthen legs.Do not refill
shirt.Buy such a model that can be worn over trousers or skirts.However, not too long.
course you can wear bright colors, but try not to allocate them your problem areas.

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