How to be stylish

Fashion - it's fun!This eccentric lady does not let us get bored.But be careful!Do not blindly follow everything that you are offered with display screens and magazine covers.We offer you a collection of tips on how to look stylish, and not fall victim to fashion.

Always have a reserve neutral things to mix and experiment.

blouses and shirts with an open collar and a deep round neckline visually lengthen short neck.Add to that a long necklace.
simple classic clothes make slimmer most types of figures.
buy clothes of the same style, which you have already in the locker room.Choose a style that you think makes you slimmer.
Always have a pin for emergencies.
shoulder pads will help you to visually compensate for the large breasts and wide hips to balance, but do not overdo it with their thick pads.Spacing
new shoes before you put it on for the whole day, especially on any auspicious occasion.
Use special sprays to reduce static electricity.
If you then type in, you lose weight, try to buy cheap stuff i

ntermediate size, which would be suitable for you.
Make sure the tights sit perfectly - pull them in public is unacceptable mistake.
Do not be afraid to experiment.
Wash and clean clothes before hanging or stacked in the cupboard.
apply perfume before will put in order not to dirty clothes.

skin tends to stretch, so buy pants one size smaller.
If you do not like the clothes, lipnuschaya to the body, do not buy things that contain more than 5% Lycra.
Do not worry if the model that you liked so much in the magazine does not fit into your budget.Chances are you can find something similar at other stores for a better price.Just cut out the picture and take it with you on shopping.

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