Coconut oil: Harm and benefits

Currently, coconut oil is often used in the preparation of semi-finished and finished food products, it is often also used in the restaurant kitchen.Therefore, we dare to assume, it is no longer possible to postpone a conversation about the benefits and dangers of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is, as the name implies, extracted from coconuts, to be more precise, some of them dried pulp .In the southern countries, it is also common as we sunflower oil.For us, this kind of oil is still an exotic, which is why it causes a lot of ambiguous estimates.Someone thinks that the oil extracted from coconuts threatening the development of cardiovascular disease, others say about his use, especially in the field of cosmetology.How to be?Whom to believe?And here it is time to understand.


in coconut oil contains about 92% saturated fat, in addition to the list of its components, including vitamins A, E and C.


Despite the fact that coconut oil contains large amounts of saturated fat, whichas

one might think, it is a source of cholesterol, yet the benefits of this product is much more than harm.

proved that coconut oil has anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties .It contributes to the removal of cholesterol, increases metabolism, regulates blood pressure and helps to get rid of excess weight.Inclusion of this product in the diet of elderly people promotes absorption of calcium and magnesium, which helps avoid deficiency.In addition, it is widely applied in cosmetology.Among the properties by which coconut oil is so fond beauties release:
hydration and nutrition dry and sensitive skin, damaged hair .That is why coconut oil can be found in the composition of nourishing masks, creams for the face and body, as well as shampoos, conditioners, hair balms,
Protection against aggressive environmental influences , in particular, the harmful UV rays.Because of these properties of coconut oil is a part of creams and tanning sunscreen,
antifungal properties and strengthens .Look at the composition of funds that you have purchased to deal with brittle nails, for sure, there is listed coconut oil.

Coconut oil: contraindications

Another advantage of coconut oil is considered to be a minimum of contraindications to its use.So, it does not recommend its use only in the case of individual intolerance.

Coconut oil: application

listing the virtues of coconut oil, it would not be fair not to offer you some recipes based on it.

If you decide to use coconut oil in cooking, it can be used during the preparation of most dishes, they just replace the usual oil or butter.Delve into this region will not, and will report on the use of coconut oil in the beauty industry.

Coconut oil for hair beauty

If you want your hair to be beautiful, healthy and grew quickly, then make regular hair masks based on coconut oil, which also help in the fight against split ends.Especially effective oil for colored hair, as it not only warns them dryness, but also preserves the color.

Rub into the scalp and spread over the entire length of the hair a small amount of coconut oil.Put a cap of polyethylene and wrap head with a towel.An hour later, the mask must be thoroughly washed off.By the way, if the opportunity to do such a long procedure, you do not, you can just 15-20 minutes before shampooing apply coconut oil on your hair, it does not need to wrap them.

Coconut Body Oil

Refined coconut oil gives the skin soft and velvety, help in the fight against wrinkles.One of the main advantages of this tool is that it is suitable for all skin types.
1. Effective massaging coconut oil in the chest area.The result is visible after a couple of weeks - the skin is smoothed, moisturized and looks well-groomed.
2. Coconut oil can be used instead of cream for hands.Thus it is not only beneficial for the skin, but also polish the latter become stronger and faster growing.
3. Before going to the solarium or on the beach, do not forget to apply coconut oil on the body.Your tan will be even and beautiful.Moreover, the tool makes it perfectly after burns, including sun.

Coconut oil for face

adding a few drops of coconut oil in your favorite face cream, it can be several times more effective than the last.Some people use coconut oil as a means to make-up remover.Just do not forget that skin care should not use unrefined coconut oil, as it can trigger inflammation.

Be beautiful!

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