Why dream of grapes

Grapes in a dream is a harbinger of positive developments, profit and success.

dreamed big grapes promises high social status and honor of others.For a young girl like a dream portends success in business and all its initiatives are successful.Often girls grapes promises a meeting with a young man who would later become her husband, waiting for them a long and happy family life.

Pluck grapes and berries promises to try a new position and wish fulfillment.If the grapes are turned unpleasant taste, the dreamer waiting for the difficulties and troubles.Sour grapes warns of a meeting with little trouble.Eat unripe fruit is a warning from committing errors, which you will later regret greatly.Often, eating grapes in a dream foretells a large number of fans.Red grapes says that soon you'll have to survive a fright.

If someone gave you the grapes as a gift to , then you will be familiar.Cut bunches of grapes suggests that your family will love and harmony.Seeing the empty bunches of grapes warns that

in reality you encounter fraud.If you dream you are trying in vain to reach a brush with grapes, in real life, you should not rely on the easy money, to achieve the heights, you have to make great efforts for the implementation of planned and patience and firmness of character.The symbol of early success is a dream in which you planted vines.

Watch in a dream of the process of pressing grapes reports that all your work will be seen and appreciated.Participate in the process of making wine from grapes promises high social status and public recognition of your merits.Welfare promises a dream in which you drank wine grape.

breaks in sleep grape leaves states that need more respectful to the help of friends and relatives.A dream in which you were hiding behind the vine warns that one should be vigilant and cautious when making important decisions, since it is likely that some of your business partners is trying to hurt you.

If the grapes had a man , waiting for his great efforts, spending money, but as a result it will be a success.Grapes, children dreamed, promises a pleasant trip.

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