Why dream of gold jewelery

As the saying goes, all is not gold that glitters.So if you dream you saw gold jewelry is not in a hurry to make hasty predictions about the future, pay attention to the details of sleep, because only in this way you can find out what you expect in the near future in real life.

Gold jewelry in a dream say that someone is trying to cheat you, so do not be too trusting.A dream in which you found gold ornaments promises you success in your activities, you can easily reach the heights, material well-being and respect for others.Get a present gold ornament says that soon you'll get a marriage proposal, your partner would be wealthy, but too mercantile man. Lose dream gold jewelry is a bad omen, more trouble waiting for the one who lost in his dream gold wedding ring, in particular we can talk about parting with a loved one, for married persons it could be in anticipation of a quick divorce.

Golden cross in a dream promises a happy event in real life.The chain of gold heralds deception and illusion.Go

lden Belt, seen in a dream promises riches.

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