Why dream of rain

Dreams are sometimes much more realistic than real life.In a series of everyday life, we rarely have the opportunity to stop and pay attention to some natural phenomenon such as rain.But in a dream for a long time we can admire it from the window, run barefoot through puddles, catching her hands in cold droplets.The feel of this dream can be very different, the awakening may be sad or cheerful in the morning you can feel the excitement, joy, depression, irritation - attitude to the rain at all different.To what dreams rain?In anticipation of what the sky clouds in a dream delayed, and went mushroom rain or rain storm?

rain in a dream - a symbol of purification .Perhaps in your life right now a time when we must be cleansed, changed, start all over again.Most rain dream people passed through a difficult parting, rain dream in this case says that the pain is gone and you're ready for a new relationship.Also rain during sleep is associated with increased emotionality.When the soul is restless - the rain

.It is because of this rain can also dream to tears.Tears - is also a purification, emotions and rain symbolizes them.

get into sleep under the rain - for productive work, a positive result from their activities.Rain, irrigate crops, resulting in a rich harvest.So in your case.

colorful storm , with shower wall, thunder and lightning before the dream tumultuous period in his life, which will be filled with meetings, pleasant chores, socializing, traveling.You will be tired, but happy.A small gray rain heralds boring and measured life, though perhaps it is you now need.

storms with high wind bring you troubles, the stronger the wind, the more problems are expected.Any sleep with rain and a strong wind has a negative value.

Wet to the skin under a warm rain - love, friendship and warm relations.Everything in your life will be quiet so smoothly, without quarrels and insults to close and native people.But if you bother to vymoknut the cold rain, but still be dead with cold, then wait for the quarrels and discord in the relationship.If you get caught in the rain, but only got wet hair, then in front of you will have a very passionate night!

rain that the earth turns into a muddy rivulets , carry the garbage, it heralds a series of hassle and trouble.Darker than black, and around the water, the more serious the problem is.

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