Why dream of cucumber

believed that to dream cucumber - a good sign that promises prosperity in business, profit.Sick people like a dream promises a speedy recovery. Lovers dreamed cucumbers portend positive changes in the relationship, the transition to a new stage.If you dream you saw a large number of cucumbers, then wait for the guests.

Women cucumbers dream to gifts .Girls this dream predicts familiarity with the young man.If cucumbers dreamed man, then wait for him to arrive.

The fact that your work will not be appreciated reported a dream in which you are buying cucumbers .This value has a dream in which you are carrying the green vegetables.

sow cucumbers promises serious material losses.Harvest cucumbers says that you should appreciate what you have and be thankful that you gave it all, otherwise you risk losing it all.

disappointment of waiting, who dream eating cucumber .Bitter cucumbers promise sadness.Pickles portend depressed.

To dream overripe yellow cucumber says that soon something to upset you

.Rotten cucumber women dream portend partner experiencing problems with potency, representatives of a strong half of humanity the dream threatens the loss of male power.

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