Why dream of lice

Lice dream is a good sign because portend good luck, profit and prosperity.

Many lice dream promise wealth .However, according to some sources, like a dream sometimes opposite can warn you about threatening poverty or illness, such as the dream portends tears.See one or a couple of lice on myself in the dream said that the current situation may change for the worse, so do not take sudden decisions.

If you dream lice literally showered you from head to toe and you tried in vain to get rid of them, it says that in reality success was close to a large reward was just a little bit, but your indecisiveness allspoiled, you throw up their hands and thus missed the luck.Try in the future to be more persistent in achieving the goals, be patient if you want to achieve something.If you dream you were able to get rid of lice, in real life, you will get rid of the trouble, all the problems will be solved soon.This interpretation has a dream in which you louse.The dreamer who saw how he beat lice should prepare

to receive the money, it is also possible that in the near future you will get a pleasant surprise news.

know that you have lice, but you can not see them , warns of loss, loss promises.See lice on other people promises success in your endeavors, career growth and favorable completion of ongoing cases.

Crush dream nits states that you will surely go to the goal, nothing forces you to roll out of the way.Excellent tactics, do not depart from its principles and success will not be long in coming.The harbinger of the long-awaited success and career growth is a dream in which you see nits in his head.

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