What dream eggs

Eggs in a dream is often a harbinger of good news, gains and guests in your home.

See clean, fresh eggs means that the fate of you generously bestow.This dream is also a guarantee that thanks to his sublime intelligence and a high sense of justice, you will become a darling of the society.

to see in his dream nest with eggs promises a rich and happy marriage.Often such a dream foretells inheritance from a distant relative.Basket with eggs said that in the near future, you are expected to participate in the lucrative business deals.Rotten eggs commemorate that in real life you face the loss of property and failure in business.There

dream egg symbolizes peaceful life, you do not need anything.But if you dream you are abusing eggs for food, then you face the disease.Treated to someone eating egg dish promises a meeting with a man who will change your life.

Crush egg dream to quarrel with their relatives, and if at the same time you got splashed them, so some of your enemies want to harm you.

The egg is a symbol of new life .That is why often a dream in which she saw her whipped egg foretells pregnancy and birth of a healthy baby.

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