Why dream of tomatoes

To dream of tomatoes is a good sign.You will be successful in business and happy events in life.

Tomatoes promise rather nicely acquainted , which is not excluded, will grow into something more.If a girl in a dream saw a tomato, it says that she has a secret admirer.Ripe tomatoes promises a happy marriage.

There dream tomatoes promises good health.For sick people like a dream is the guarantor of a speedy recovery.If this vegetable was delicious, then you will be lucky, maybe you will go to complete the journey of pleasant experiences.Salted tomatoes promise betrayal.

Growing tomatoes in the garden promise happiness and joy in family life.This dream can report that soon you will receive good news.See greenhouse tomatoes promises addition to the family.

See green tomatoes means in real life is something you will cause confusion.Red tomatoes are often a precursor to action, for the accomplishment of which you will be ashamed, so to speak, blushing like a tomato.Black vegetable warns that in you

r life comes a dark stripe, have patience, for it is sure to be bright.

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