Why dream of a pig

Many saw a pig in a dream after waking up trying to understand what to expect in the future.Unfortunately, this animal is the symbol of evil and promises trouble .But do not rush upset ahead of time, because, depending on the context of sleep pig can be a harbinger of happy events.

see a pig in a dream tells about the misfortune that awaits you in the near future.Often such a dream promises death.If you dreamed of a pig with piglets, such a dream promises big profits in a short time.

Pig, stained with mud from head to toe , portends rumors and intrigues that are against you build your detractors.You will have to sacrifice their principles or withdraw from the case if in a dream you saw a nickel pig sticking out from a pile of manure.Undermines the roots of oak pig warns that you will meet someone who will bring you a lot of hassle and trouble.Bathing in a pool of pig reports that your society has a completely useless person."Hryundel" with a crown on his head portends a quarrel with his superiors,

trouble at work, dismissal.Prepare to quarrel with friends who saw in a dream to be a pig, sits in his chair.To see the pig in the room promises good health.

dream in which you are fed pig , portends unpleasant encounter.See yourself in a luxury suit, feeding the pig with a golden tray, says about your excessive extravagance, you are wasting energy and money.About Your untidiness reported a dream in which a pig standing next to a trough of food.If you dream you pet pig, it says that in real life you often flatter others.Ride on horseback on a pig promises pleasant company and a great pastime.The girl, who saw in a dream a hog, it's time to prepare for marriage, because such a dream is a sign heralding a marriage proposal.

Score pig dream predicts dismissal, demotion.Misfortune promises a dream in which you witness the dying pig.

Buy market pork legs encourages you to be more circumspect in reality, in this case, you can avoid fraud.Way predicts a dream in which you ate a pig's head.Pork promises illness.

To dream, like a pig into a person , then you will find an unpleasant meeting with officials.Anguish portends a dream in which you were a pig.

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