Why dream of a mouse

Mouse in a dream is an omen of small troubles that await you in the near future.Often, however, this rodent promises and favorable events.Find out what the future holds for you can only remembering the details of the dream.

To dream mouse portends small family woes.The second interpretation of this vision promises a successful overcoming of obstacles.Getting rid of the problem and promises a large number of mice, seen in a dream.This dream is sometimes a precursor to a natural disaster, famine and pestilence.Girls dream in which appeared rodent warns that her attempt to discredit, spreading rumors.

favorable is a dream in which there were white mice .Electronic mouse usually dream of creative personalities and foreshadow new ideas that can be successfully implemented.Is considered to be a bad sign bat, you might get a nasty message from afar.

If you dream you ran the mice , trying in vain to catch them, the reality offers excellent prospects, you can easily do the things entrusted to you.Girls d

ream promises a speedy courtship.Justification hope promises a dream in which you were able to catch the rodent.Allow the mouse to escape said that wait in vain for a favorable outcome of the case.Kill your mouse predicts victory in the fight against ill-wishers.Often such a dream warns that soon there will be something that made you strong. dead mouse announces financial difficulties you are experiencing at the moment.

dream in which you eat the mice, is a warning that you are in danger.
To dream of mice gnawing promises disease, reducing life.Feeding mice from hand says that you need to be more patient if you want to achieve your goals, but in this case you will be able to implement their plans.

dreamed sleeping mouse report that thanks to your well-developed intuition, you will be able to gain success in business, and to earn the trust of colleagues and superiors location.

girl to see a dream in which she ran along the mouse promises scandal, and it will become his main heroine.

Seeing a cat catch a mouse, portends greater profits, you will find a secure future.

Mousetrap in a dream is a symbol of slander and defaming the honor of your information spread by people in your inner circle.

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