Growing lagenarii

Lagenariya lagenariyu often called china pumpkin as its overripe fruit harden and can be used for the manufacture of household items. This plant has another name - Indian cucumber .It also corresponds to the qualities possessed by the young fruit of the plant - the juicy, delicious.And possess a host of useful properties.

Lagenariya is an annual plant of the Cucurbitaceae family, and today it can be often found in backyards.Someone attracted by its unusual shape of the fruit plants suitable for the production of all kinds of handicrafts, others appreciate the dietary and healing qualities lagenarii.One way or another, but many gardeners dream that this plant has appeared on their site.This is no big deal, since lagenariya unpretentious and does not require special care.However, this vegetable crop is of late, so it is best to pre-germinate the seeds and planted in open ground the seedlings, which will fall to the excellent harvest.

As seeds germinate lagenarii?

Light and lagenarii seeds are large enough, remin

iscent of pumpkin seeds before germination should be soaked for days in water at room temperature.This should be done around the end of April in order in the first half of May, the seedlings can be moved in the open ground.When the seeds swell, they are best placed in moist sawdust or in a prepared forest moss, which will provide almost 100 percent germination.If neither one nor the other is not at hand, you can use a conventional plastic container, which should be at the bottom put a layer of cotton wool, which is abundantly wetted with water.In a fit lagenarii seeds that are covered on top with a piece of gauze or thin cotton cloth.

Since soaking seeds before germination takes place no more than 3 days .However, planting them in the ground can only be when there will be two cotyledon leaf - about 5-7 days.As a substrate a mixture of humus, river sand and peat, to which 10 kg gently add 500 g of ashes.For seedlings ideal plastic or paper cups, because the plants are in them will not last long - about 3 weeks.Additional fertilize the seedlings do not need, nor do they need special protection because they have high resistance to temperature changes and thrive in a room where the temperature does not exceed + 15 ° C.

lagenarii landing in open ground

believed that the best way to plant the seedlings, whose age does not exceed 30-35 days.So you need to calculate the time so that by the time the soil warm enough lagenariya reaches a height of 10 cm and had a 4-5 well-formed leaves.

On the ground in the garden care must be taken since autumn .After the harvest in the plot, which is given under the lagenariyu, you must dig and fertilize with manure or humus.In the spring, when the snow has gone, the earth dug up again, allow it to dry slightly and loosen the conventional rake.Many gardeners consider it a great luxury to take lagenarii special sections and simply planted it along the fence, where the plant is perfectly survives.It feels great in the shade of trees and shrubs, as well as near any buildings.Therefore, if the area of ​​your site is not very big, it is better to free up beds for more whimsical culture needs to create special conditions.

lagenariya growing quite rapidly, although the vegetation period, this culture is not less than 200 days.Therefore if you landed on a plot of 30-day seedlings in early May, the harvest can count on only the beginning of September .Special care lagenariya not required, but if you want to get big and juicy fruits, the plants need to be watered almost every day.For these purposes, use warm water that lagenariya adores.If the soil has not proved particularly fertile, then every 2-3 weeks the plants should be feed with liquid fertilizers.For these purposes, perfectly ordinary ash 300 g which should be diluted in 10 liters of warm water.

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