Growing dahlias annuals from seed

Annuals Dahlias are a real ornament to any country site.They begin to bloom in early spring and fade only after the first frost.For this reason, these garden plants are often used in the design of flower beds and creating fanciful compositions of flowers.

Grow Dahlias is not difficult, but it should be borne in mind that they reproduce by seeds.And if you just throw them in the ground, the germination can not wait.Therefore on the dacha usually planted seedlings that can not only experiment with garden design, but also to be sure that the idea will be successful.

There are many varieties of dahlias, so they can pick up not only in color but also in size. First of all low-growing plants begin to bloom, so when choosing the seeds to this important aspect of all should pay attention .Moreover, engage in germination of seeds of flowers should be in early April to mid-May garden was gay and fragrant luxury dahlias.Their seeds do not require pre-soaking and disinfection, even if you are planting materials

yourself, instead of buying from a retailer.But the ground will have a pre-calcined in the oven at + 70-80 degrees.

seed usually used ordinary river sand, which, if desired, can be mixed with perlite .They should fill plastic containers or wooden trays, and then liberally moistened.Thereafter, in the ground are small holes formed at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, to be omitted from a few seeds.This is done in order to achieve a guaranteed germination dahlia.The depth of the hole should not exceed 1-2 cm, or germs will be very difficult to break through to the surface.

Once the seeds are placed in the ground, with a future container seedlings should be covered with plastic wrap to achieve greenhouse .After the temperature inside the containers must be at least + 25-26 degrees.If this requirement is violated, then more than half of the seeds simply do not germinate.The film must be removed every day for a few minutes.At the same time the seeds should be watered 2-3 times a week with warm water creamed.After about 7-8 days the first shoots appear, and after 2 weeks after planting dahlias can perform pick.However, if you were grown several varieties of dahlias, the containers and trays of seedlings will have to immediately mark.After all, virtually until the formation of buds you can not determine which sort of in front of you.As a result, you can simply spoil elaborate flower arrangements, chaotic landed dahlias of different varieties.

These flowers grow very rapidly, so if you started germinate seeds in early April, the end of the month seedlings can be planted in open ground .However, before it dahlias must go through hardening.The film must be removed from the container for about 2-3 hours after the first shoots appeared.After picking dahlias watered 2 times a week and several times fed fertilizer for garden flowers.About 5 days before landing in the open ground should be reduced in a room temperature to about 10 degrees.In late April, it is not difficult to do, if the room where the seedlings around the clock to keep the window open.However, even after landing hardened dahlias in the open ground is necessary to closely monitor the weather and when there is a threat of frost flowers cover with plastic wrap overnight.

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