Growing from seed lobelia

Lobelia fragile and air lobelia is a real gem of any infield.It blooms from early summer to late autumn, pleasing others, not only their appearance, but also an exquisite aroma.However, there is a small problem, as lobelia belongs to the group of annual plants and should be planted in open ground every year .If you just throw the seeds into the soil, then the probability that they will sprout small.In addition, rare flowers, samples outside will not be able to create a luxurious green and purple carpet, whereby lobelia love not only gardeners, but also specialists in landscape design.To achieve this effect, you should use the seedlings, which can be obtained from the seeds at home.

Features germination lobelia

lobelia seeds are so small that they resemble dust particles.It is for this reason sell them in the granules of 8-10 pieces.This is quite convenient, not only in terms of germination, but is ideal in forming bushes.In this case, you do not have to manually separate the sprouts from each other and for

m one song, and then placed in the open ground.Suffice it to take a bead with young sprouts and put it in the hole on the plot, save on gardening and procedure time and effort.

pre-treatment lobelia seeds do not require, but the way in which they are placed, it is necessary to prepare special .Usually used for planting plastic containers or wooden boxes, but can be formed clumps in conventional paper cups.A substrate is better to use a mixture of 2 parts turf, 1 part compost, peat and 1 part 1 part river sand.The soil should be placed in the boxes, cups or containers a few days before planting seeds of lobelia, smooth and pour over the weak solution of fungicide (a pinch of powder to 1 liter of water).This tool can also be lightly sprinkle the seeds themselves, which will speed up germination and protect against disease.

Just before planting the soil should moisten again, but this time the settled water at room temperature.Then the soil to do small holes (1 cm) are placed in the granules.In 1 cup should be planted no more than 2-3 granular seed lobelia.If it is a container, the wells are placed at a distance of about 2 cm from each other.In the case where the seeds of pellets, it is best to mix them with river sand in equal proportions and then uniformly sprinkled obtained primer composition and the top few millimeters of the substrate added.Water the seeds after planting should not be.

Care seedlings, fertilizing and swordplay

After about 10 days on the soil surface will first small shoots that are very easily confused with weeds - they are so small and inconspicuous.But do not jump to conclusions: if the herb uniform carpet covers the entire free area, before you really shoots lobelia. watch them a few days and make sure the seedlings appear for 3 or more leaf .From this moment it is possible to perform the pick, i.e.lobelia seat so that it can develop normally.This should be done very carefully, slightly undermining the soil near the roots with a blunt object seedlings.Then it must be carefully extracted from the soil and placed in another container.As a result, you have to be formed small and rather cute bushes, consisting of about 10 young plants.You should also leave a little single seedlings that will be used to form the correct shape of the bushes during the landing in the open ground lobelia.

watered lobelia not very often - about 1-2 times a week , using for this purpose the water at room temperature, to defend at least one day.In addition, every week in the soil need to make fertilizer for the garden flowers.Lobelia is very poorly tolerate the heat, so the optimum temperature in the room where the tank with seedlings, should not exceed 15-17 degrees.Terms

landing lobelia

If you want to have in May in the garden and fragrant blooming lobelia, germinate seeds should be in late February or early March.The incubation period of this plant is not less than 2 weeks, and then the swordplay.However, it will take at least a month before the lobelia can be planted in open ground.Do it better in the end of April, as the seedlings are stronger, the good feeling at a low temperature, but can not withstand frost. Approximately 1.5-2 after landing in open ground lobelia begin to bloom , but only on the condition that you are caring for seedlings correctly without silt soil and do not overheat the young shoots.

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