Passionflower: Growing from seed

Many growers dream to supplement their collection Passion - Luxury passifloraceae potted plant family, which has not only the original exterior, but also gives edible fruit.There are about 500 varieties of passionflower, has a surprisingly bright and rich colors.However, not all plants are easily propagated at home by grafting.For this reason, passionflower often germinated from the seeds, which are now available from many specialty stores.But for your efforts to bring the expected result, and eventually on the windowsill, a new plant should fulfill several requirements.

selection and preparation of seed

course, the germination of seeds purchased in many cases leaves much to be desired.So if you have the opportunity to get their own or take the help of other flower growers, you should not neglect this chance. passionflower seeds suitable for germination must be sufficiently large and glossy .At the same time, the earlier you start to germinate them, the greater the chance of success.It is proved tha

t in the first 2-3 weeks after collecting the seeds of Passiflora give 100 percent germination.Six months later, sprouting around every second seed and a year - every tenth.

Regardless of plant species Passiflora seeds have a strong protective film, which reliably protects them from damage.However, its presence is very complicated process of seed germination.So before you begin this procedure, should perform scarification, iecompromise the integrity of the protective coating .This can be done by using a piece of fine sandpaper to treat each grain.Thereafter, the seeds must be not less than 20 hours to lower the cup with hot water, which is difficult to add a few crystals of potassium permanganate.As a result, the seeds are not only fed with moisture, but will disinfection procedures that are guaranteed to deliver the future from the germs of various diseases.

How to get from the seeds sprout?

When the seeds of Passiflora slightly swell, they should be planted in the ground. best to use for these purposes, a substrate which is composed of humus, sand and river peat taken in equal proportions .This mixture must be packaged in plastic or paper cups, each of which is placed one seed passion fruit.Moreover, the depth of immersion of the seeds should be no more than 1 cm, otherwise the process of germination is difficult.Thereafter, each glass should be covered with plastic wrap and place in a warm and sunny location.The optimum temperature for germination of Passiflora manner of + 24-25 degrees.Thus once a day is necessary to open the film for several minutes to allow access of oxygen.Around the end of the first week in cups Passiflora sprouts appear, after which the film can be removed.

If you are not confident in the quality of planting material, in this case passionflower seeds germinate best not in cups, and gauze .You can use ordinary plastic lid, the bottom of which should be lined with wool and put on top of a piece of gauze, folded several times.Seeds Passiflora after scarification should be placed between the layers of cheesecloth and pour the cover with warm water.It needs to add at least some evaporation every 2-3 days.To speed up the germination of seeds in water for watering, you can add a bit of succinic acid, or orange juice.Already on the second day of the seeds swell, and after 4-5 days, releasing a small roots.However, the plant shoots into the ground should be only after two cotyledon leaf appears.

Care seedlings

passionflower Passiflora Young sprouts require special attention, as it is at this stage, many of them die due to lack of moisture or temperature extremes. need to water the plants regularly as soon as you see that the top layer of the soil began to dry out .Depending on the degree of humidity in the room it should be done every 2-3 days.At the same time every 10 days, the seedlings should be fed complex fertilizers for indoor plants, allowing them to develop more intensively.About a month later, when the passion flower grow stronger root system and there will be at least 5-6 leaves, watering can be reduced to 1-2 times a week.

2 months, when the young plants are already properly take root, they can be transplanted into pots, after taking care of the drainage system.They need to choose in such a way that in the next 2-3 years passionflower felt quite roomy and comfortable.Otherwise, ensure that the plant has brought home to be quite problematic.

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