Growing Carpathian bell

bellflower is a beautiful ornamental plant, which is easily assembled with other colors and allows you to create amazing beauty of the composition.Sam Bell is quite unpretentious in care, so many growers gladly decorate their garden plots.Especially because this plant is a perennial, so do not need annual updating, tolerates harsh winters and pleasing summer residents luxurious lilac flowers all summer long.

bellflower is a mountain plant, which has a fairly strong and extensive root system.Therefore adult transplant flowers is very problematic, as well as propagated by dividing the bushes .As a result, for growing bells often used seeds that have good germination and do not require special care.

How to get seedlings from seeds?

distinctive feature bellflower is that it grows very slowly.Therefore if you want to see the luxurious summer flowers on their plot, then start germination should be in late February. You will need a container or wooden box, which should be filled with a mixture of peat, h

umus and river sand.On moist substrate should pour the seeds of the plant and gently press them into the soil, but not to dig.Pre-seeds to increase germination is recommended to soak in warm water for 4-5 hours.

future seedling containers should always be covered with plastic wrap, which can be removed once a day for a few minutes.Himself substrate moistened every 2-3 days as drying.Moreover, it should be done with warm water supernatant, which is sometimes advisable to add a little bit of ash.It should also be borne in mind that containers with seedlings should be in a well lit area.If the seeds are sown in late February, then you need to take care of their additional artificial light.

first shoots appear after about 10-12 days , but the procedure for hardening seedlings can start no earlier than 3 weeks.By this time the bell should get 2-3 leaves, apart longitudinal.First, the film must be removed for 10 minutes, then - at 20. As a result, the time of picking, which runs on 11-12 week, the plants should be deprived of additional protection.Bellflower after picking can be planted as individual capacity and in open ground.The first option is used in those cases, if you decide to decorate a balcony with flowers or create a decorative pots.In this situation, the plants are placed in a pot with 3-4 pieces, so that eventually turned lush and rather attractive shrub that in a month will begin to bloom profusely.In the open ground bellflower it is recommended to plant in the first half of May, when the threat of night frosts have passed, and the plants do not die from temperature extremes.

landing in open ground, and subsequent care of the Carpathian bell

Since the autumn of soil on a bed intended for planting bellflower should fertilize ash.In the spring about a week before transplanting flowers sprinkled with ground dolomite flour and dig.Choosing a place for the bell should be in such a way that it is very light and warm and well protected from drafts.When it comes to a bed, then these flowers are usually planted in the center and surrounded by other, more high plants.

beauty of the Carpathian bell is that it perfectly gets on with any other colors .Therefore, this plant can create amazing beauty of the composition capable of transforming your infield.Bush bells recommended to plant in well-moistened soil, forming a hole at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other.Do not worry that it will negatively affect the appearance of the flower beds.It will take no more than a month, and all the free space will be filled with overgrown bells that form a dense hedge.

When planting these plants is very important to comply with the timeframe.So, if, due to weather conditions or for any other reason you are not able to move the bells in the open ground in the first half of May, the chances are that this summer they will flower, is minimal.Generally these plants only in the third year of life abundantly emit buds, so have patience.Supplementary feeding bells do not need, but keep in mind that in one place they feel comfortable no more than 5-6 years, after which the beds need to be updated, using not only new seedlings, but also another place for her landing.

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