Potato growing Dutch technology

Potatoes are quite promising crops that are grown in many countries around the world.Moreover, more and more of its producers prefer the Dutch technology, which allows you to receive up to 450 quintals of potatoes from 1 ha.Such yields can boast, not all producers, and certainly not every cottager.Nevertheless, learn from the best Dutch farmers under force to any gardener, so even on a small plot of land can grow quite a lot of potatoes, providing them for the winter, not only his family, but also friends.

principles of growing potatoes in Dutch

Dutch potato production technology is based on the modernization of the entire agricultural process, the strength to carry out only the owner of the farm.However, for the average summer resident some key points may be useful.If we discard the option of buying expensive planters, tractors and sorting machines, as a result you can get all the same familiar shovel.However, at the same time to produce a good crop will still have to buy the Dutch seed production.

believed that the most successful potato varieties derived breeders in this country are «Asterix", "Priority", "Mona Lisa" and "Ab".This should ensure that the planting is really high quality and safe.This can be the only way - to ask the seller a certificate.In this case, you can count on 100 percent germination of potatoes and, accordingly, a pretty good yield.

Before you start planting should prepare the field, laying in the autumn of compost. spring portion dig to a depth of no more than 25-27 cm , then the soil is loose cultivators or crushed conventional forks.Note that the landing layer should contain about 4% of humus, or roots are small.

also important to remember that planted potatoes need as soon as the soil is prepared - Extension even in one day, in this case is not allowed.When the soil is treated, it is necessary to form a bed with a height of the crest at least 25-30 cm and a width of about 0.75 m. One garden of potatoes planted in 2 rows, between which the distance is not to be false more than 30 cm. Tubers should not dig deeper than4-5 cm, they provide a fairly rapid germination.In addition, it is necessary to comply with planting density.On average 1 square.m beds should be 30 hives, which is the best option for this technology.

Planting potatoes according to Dutch technology start early, even when the soil is not completely warmed .However, due to the stability of planting material to temperature changes in the productivity of potato is not adversely affected.Therefore, in April you can safely plant potatoes, and the beginning of June to gather the first harvest.

Care potatoes

Immediately after planting potatoes is complete, the beds must be watered abundantly.Comb the principle of their formation contribute to the fact that excess water will accumulate in the aisle - it will protect the tubers from rotting.At the same time, if the air warms up very well, potatoes will have no shortage of water, which is pretty well saturated ground.The most that will happen, because it will dry the top layer of the beds to a depth of 2-3 cm, so that will create some sort of greenhouse effect.

about 5-7 days after planting potatoes in the beds with the tops and weeds appear.Be sure to remove them, otherwise expect a good harvest is not worth it. for weed control use any mechanical means that there are in the household .In this process, not only the beds should be very careful, but also the most careful not to damage the potatoes.This procedure will have to carry out for the season 3-4.Plus, do not forget Whitlock chemical treatment beds by special means against phytophthora and Colorado potato beetle, which should be performed every 2 weeks.Water the beds only in those cases where the dry and hot weather lasts at least 3 weeks.

cleaning and storage of the crop

Seed potatoes are dug in early August and sent to the special storage - cellar, basement or shed, where year-round temperature is maintained within + 3-5 degrees.Potatoes that you will eat, dig in late August.Moreover, 10-12 days before it is necessary to completely cut all the tops .For larger areas for this purpose it is best to use special equipment, and small beds can resort to using spit or secateurs.This is done not only in order to strengthen the skin of tubers, but also to prepare for the subsequent storage of potatoes.In addition, such processing potatoes can significantly accelerate the process of excavation.At the same time the cut is not necessary to take out the tops off and disposed of.It is best to leave it between the rows.Once the potatoes are dug up, withered tops should be covered with earth.Thus, you get finished compost and can next season to reduce expenses.In order not to bother the transfer of fertilizers in the new season of the beds should be formed on the ground between the rows.However, if you want, and in the third year to receive a fairly high yield of potatoes, you'll have to find another place for his land, and the liberated area in the next 2-3 years to plant other crops, alternating, for example, oats, cucumbers and cabbage.

should also be said about the storage of potatoes grown by the Dutch technology. It is best packaged in mesh bags of 20-25 kg and placed in a fairly cool room .About 1 time in 2-3 months will have to sort out potatoes, removing rotten tubers and cutting off the roots.However, until the end of spring potatoes a hardly give you problems and will retain its freshness, firmness and excellent flavor.

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