Growing schizanthus

schizanthus relates to plants of the nightshade family, although apparently this flower is very similar to an orchid.Due to its attractiveness and undemanding of care, many growers happy schizanthus grown not only on the window sill, but also in home gardens.Indeed, this flower looks equally good in a flowerpot, and the flowerbed.But if home schizanthus pleases its owners gorgeous flowers for several seasons in a row, during the landing in the open ground should be aware that the cold winter this plant is unlikely to survive.It is for this reason that in the autumn of schizanthus bushes dug and transplanted into pots.Well, if you do not want to trouble themselves with this kind of work, you have to take care of each spring seedlings.

schizanthus Growing from seed

schizanthus very poorly tolerate hot dry air, so optimum temperature for germination should not exceed 18 degrees, provided the most high humidity .For this purpose, containers or wooden boxes, which is filled substrate, consisting of 2/3

of river sand and 1/3 - from humus.This mixture is perfectly retains moisture and thus contains a lot of nutrients that promote the growth schizanthus.

seeds of this plant is best previously soaked in water at room temperature for 2-3 hours.Then, they should be evenly spread over the surface of the substrate and on top of moistened lightly sprinkle ground.Containers with seeds necessarily delayed the film, but rather placed in a cool room, where the air temperature does not exceed 15 degrees.Watering substrate should be 2-3 times a week with water at room temperature, and ventilate the container, removing the film should daily.

process of germination schizanthus takes at least 20 days .In this part of the seedlings will look like no condition.However, do not rush to get rid of it: experience shows that these are the seedlings, which require special care and attention, in the end will give the most beautiful and colorful flowers.When the seedlings will appear on the 3-4 leaf, film containers can be removed completely.However, picking up since the beginning of germination must be at least a month.

If you plan to grow schizanthus at home, the seeds can be engaged at any time of the year.However, in the case of subsequent planting plants in the open ground, the seeds should germinate in about the end of March.This is done so that in the first half of May, you were able to perform the pick seedlings and immediately transfer them to the infield, where they pretty well take root even in those cases, if the night is cool weather.

Care schizanthus

When planting flowers in the open ground space for the plants selected in advance.It should be slightly shaded, because schizanthus very poorly tolerate heat and direct sunlight.The soil in the flowerbed where you plan to grow this flower should be fairly easy and loose.About a week before landing schizanthus it is necessary to add some humus, and then dig.

From seedlings schizanthus very easy to make an attractive flower arrangements.The main thing is your imagination and imagine how it will look your bed when the plants begin to bloom massively planted seedlings at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other and always abundantly watered .In general, irrigation is essential for a proper development schizanthus.We can not allow the soil around the plants dry out, so the intense heat the flowers watered twice a day.As for feeding, then this plant is ideal complex fertilizers to be applied to the soil once a month, and during the flowering period schizanthus - every week.

It should also be borne in mind that this exotic plant is very often exposed to all sorts of diseases.So do not wait for due to viruses or parasites of your schizanthus die - should be at least once every 2-3 weeks for the prevention of fungicide spray color of the solution.

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