Diet for intestinal dysbiosis

Dysbacteriosis - a very common problem that at least once in his life faced by each of us.Provoke the disease can not only bad habits, diet or sedentary lifestyle, but prolonged use of antibiotics.And, these days, when similar drugs administered to patients of all ages, without exception, are not insured by dysbiosis no adults, no children.

restore intestinal microflora in this case is difficult, and it may take several months.However, even the most advanced drugs can not solve the problem, if not to establish strict control over diet, include in your diet foods that contribute to combat dysbiosis.

Diet Adult

First of all, be aware that at dysbacteriosis increased secretion of the glands that produce stomach acid, is unacceptable.If this happens, even if the regular medications beneficial bacteria responsible for the process of processing and digestion of food, can not survive.Therefore it is necessary to completely eliminate from the menu spicy and sour dishes, smoked meat and refuse of all kinds

of spices.No less harmful to the bowels dysbacteriosis affect fat, so the products with their high content of well worth keeping in the refrigerator until better times.This, in particular, on the sour cream and butter, some types of fish and meat and fat sausages.It is also recommended to introduce strict limits on sweets and pastry, halva, all sorts of creams and puddings. During recovery of bowel function is strictly forbidden to eat eggs, mayonnaise and any canned food, which contains vinegar, as well as any alcoholic and soft drinks, kvass, coffee and acidic juices.

Among the products that are allowed to use for people suffering from dysbiosis, should, first of all, to note nonfat yogurt and kefir .They are perfect for a light lunch, allowing to prepare the digestive tract to the subsequent reception tougher food.In addition, yogurt and kefir is recommended to drink and dinner, which will help to restore the intestinal flora before going to bed, getting rid thus from abdominal pain and unpleasant "rumbling".Generally, in the first week of treatment of dysbiosis, when given a course of drug therapy, it is best to switch completely to kefir diet, sometimes bringing in a variety of menus in the form of cereal porridge with vegetable oil, which can complement the steam fish or meat cutlets.Also during this period is to completely abandon the bakery products.If this is not possible, you should eat lightly dried bread wholemeal crackers or rye.

about the second week of treatment, the daily diet can be gradually expanded through the introduction of new foods, including - boiled meat, seafood, pureed vegetable soups, which are recommended to fill a small amount of melted butter.Also, every 2-3 days, you can treat yourself to a cheese with honey or jam.From cold appetizers should give preference aspic and light meat pates.However, to prepare sandwiches, generously spreading them meat soufflé or mousse liver, it is strictly forbidden.

As for drinks, then during combat dysbiosis your faithful assistants should be herbal teas , which is very beneficial effect on intestinal function.Cooking can be from St. John's wort, peppermint, lemon balm, thyme, chamomile or lime blossom.In addition, it is not necessary to exclude from the diet of an ordinary green tea has a very beneficial effect on intestinal function.Also welcome broth hips with a minimum amount of sugar, dried fruit compotes and fruit drinks from the non-acidic varieties of berries.Plus, it is very useful in this period of fresh vegetable juice, you need to prepare immediately before use.

What to feed children under the age of 3 years at a dysbacteriosis?

If the baby is breastfed, then the problem is solved automatically as the staple food for him during the treatment of dysbiosis is the mother's milk.However, experience shows that if the detection of the disease to the baby additionally fed all kinds of cereals and purees, then abandon them is not necessary.However, the menu will still have to be revised in favor of a safe from a medical point of view of products.

First of all, it is advisable to abandon half-finished products - milk packaged cereals, bottled juices and canned puree .All the food for the baby should be fresh and natural.Kashi of oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat and millet cereals can be prepared in low-fat milk.In addition, the child will be very useful and kefir yogurt, but with the proviso that they do not contain preservatives.But from cottage cheese, sour cream and butter for the time necessary to completely abandon .Regarding the vegetable puree in the first week of treatment is also better to exclude them from the diet.Subsequently, however, can be boiled potatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin and beetroot, rubbing them through the sieve and tucking a small amount of vegetable oil.These dishes will be very useful baby suffering from dysbiosis.

meat in any form from the diet of a baby in this period is best avoided.However, if a child is experiencing constant hunger, which is not able to drown out the low-calorie cereals and purees, can be boiled for a chicken and remaining broth used for cooking vegetable soup .At the same time, boiled or baked fish child may be given regularly, without fear that such dishes have a negative impact on the work of the intestine.

should immediately mention that during treatment of dysbiosis from the menu completely excluded white bread, sweets and pastries.If a kid is capricious and asks something tasty, you can offer him a little honey or jam.From fruit and vegetable juices for the first time, will also have to give up, replacing them with a decoction of rose hips or compote of dried fruits.

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