Pumpkin Seed Oil: Benefits and harms

Pumpkin seed oil is highly valued at all times.In the Middle Ages for a bottle of oil gave a gold ring, a little later it was introduced to the rank of drugs and sold in pharmacies.This oil with hazelnut aroma and greenish hue called black gold, and they were treated diseases of internal organs.

Today, the cost of pumpkin oil is still high because to produce one liter of finished product should be processed 3 kg of seeds, and a quantity of raw materials contained in about 3-4 dozen large pumpkins .Pumpkin seed oil has a global distribution, it can solve the problem of deposition of cholesterol and obesity: do not completely abandon the usual food, you just have to replace the useless butter on useful.

Food value and caloric content of pumpkin oil

Calorie pumpkin oil is 895 calories per 100 grams.In common in our area of ​​sunflower oil is about the same caloric value, only the chemical composition and nutritional value in times poorer.


- vitamin C - 8,07 mg
- Vitamin PP - 0,65 mg;
- beta-carotene - 1.49 mg
- Vitamin B5 - 0,39 mg
- Vitamin B6 - 0,12 mg
- vitamin B1 - 0,061 mg
- Vitamin B2 - 0,056 mg
- Vitamin E - 0,376 mg
- Vitamin B9 - 14,4 g
- Vitamin A - 250,7 mg


- potassium - 205.1 mg
- phosphorus - 25.04 mg
- calcium - 27.65 mg
- chloro - 1576 mg
- sulfur - 19.01 mg
- Mg - 13.89 mg
- sodium - 3.87 mg


- iron - 0.41 mg
- Zinc - 0.14 mg
- manganese- 0.02 mg
- iodine - 1,3 mcg
- Copper - 176 mcg
- fluoride - 85.6 mcg
- cobalt - 1.3 mcg

This list is not complete, in the chemical composition of the oil from pumpkin seedsIt includes more than fifty different minerals.Special mention should carotenoids Thurin, pectins, plant hormones, phospholipids, as well as organic acids - saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, their oil more than ten.

Useful properties of pumpkin oil

Benefits may be comprehensive, preventive, restorative in nature, as well as have a purposeful action.The use of oil in the food has a positive effect on the whole body in general.The immune system becomes stronger, as offset by the deficit of many important substances as a consequence of reduced susceptibility to disease.

Pumpkin oil well affect the health of the skin, hair, nails , it is an excellent Supplements Beauty.The skin is moisturized, supple, smooth wrinkles, appears healthy glow, leaves puffiness and haggard appearance.Hair acquire strength and shine, nails break and cease to delaminate.All this is the merit of phytosterols - natural hormones.

extracts from pumpkin seeds good for the gastrointestinal tract.It eliminates toxins, toxins, normalize peristalsis, improves fermentation and absorption of vitamins and minerals, has a mild laxative effect.

phospholipids in combination with other substances normalize gall and very good for the liver. oil indicated for biliary tract problems, gastro, constipation, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis.

also all know antiparasitic effect of pumpkin oil.It helps to cleanse the internal organs of many species of worm infestation, especially tapeworms.

greatly benefit from this product receives and the cardiovascular system of the body .It will help those who are diagnosed with hypertension, bradycardia, atherosclerosis, anemia, angina pectoris, thrombosis, varicose veins, coronary heart disease, and others. The action of the oil based on the fact that its constituent substances regulate and normalize the protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism,promote a healthy development of insulin and other enzymes.Harmful cholesterol is excreted from the body, the new has no chance to stay in it, the walls of blood vessels become less brittle tissue become elastic.

widely known effect of oil on the nervous system.It helps to get rid of sleep disorders, migraines and headaches, chronic fatigue, stress.Light sedation returns poise and serenity.

In folk medicine, pumpkin seed oil, cold pressed used to treat a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system in men and women.Men pumpkin seed oil helps to restore potency, a positive effect on the health of the kidneys, bladder, treats such serious and widespread diseases such as prostatitis and adenoma.In women, this oil is used in the treatment of cervical erosion, cervicitis, vaginitis.Natural hormones are effective in relieving symptoms of menopause, the treatment of infertility, anovulation, polycystic ovaries and to stimulate ovulation.

also pumpkin seed oil heals wounds well - it restores the damaged tissue as internal organs and skin.The oil can also be used as a remedy for allergy.

Harm and contraindications to the use of pumpkin oil

specific contraindications to the use of this oil is not present, but like any product, it should not be abused.

should refrain from the use of oil pumpkin people with gallstones as it stimulates the flow of bile, which could begin moving the stone .Also, patients with diabetes are advised to consult with your doctor, as this type of oil involved in the production of insulin.People prone to diarrhea, little pumpkin will harm because it is weak.

use of traditional medicine and cosmetology -

recipes for moisturizing facial

to face was moist, disintegrating lines need only when applying its usual cream to add a modicum of pumpkin oil.

Lips Chapped lips

are a problem for many - peeling turns into a serious cracks and wounds.To prevent this, heal and restore the smoothness of her lips need to lubricate them at night pumpkin oil.A couple of drops of oil can be added to your favorite balm or use of this ingredient in homemade lipsticks and lip glosses.

for beauty hair

to please you hair shine, strength, elasticity, start doing hair mask with pumpkin oil.For this purpose, any suitable folk mask recipe you need to add five drops of oil.

When gallbladder disease and cholecystitis

In these diseases the oil pumpkin seeds should be taken three times a day before meals, enough to withstand 30-40 minutes.The course consists of three parts - two weeks of taking, a week off - and so three times.

In gastric ulcer and gastritis

to heal the ulcer (stomach or duodenal) need to start taking the oil as follows: before a meal drink two teaspoons 4 times a day.The course - 30-40 days.Then you can take a break for two weeks and then repeat.

for dermatological problems (diathesis, atopy, dermatitis, eczema, acne, skin irritation, bedsores, psoriasis,)

for treatment of dermatological diseases is necessary to combine the intake of oil inside and externally.Orally oil drink a teaspoontwice a day 15-30 minutes before meals, three times a day and lubricate damaged skin.The course of 3 weeks or until the lesions disappeared.

With burns and wounds

burns, wounds, ulcers to speed wound healing using compresses and bandages with pumpkin oil.Oil is applied when the medication first aid - 3-4 days after receipt of burns or wounds.

with SARS, flu, tonsillitis, stomatitis

oil used to lubricate inflamed areas 2-3 times a day, as it is added to rinse the mouth and throat for 10-15 drops in a glass.

When allergy allergic rhinitis

in allergic rhinitis and other allergic manifestations of pumpkin seed oil is recommended to drink continuously 2-4 weeks.Three times a day before meals drink 5 ml of oil, and even when added rhinitis nasal instillation of 2 drops.

When worm infestations

To get rid of worms orally administered oil pumpkin and holding nightly mikroklizm.Oil drink 3 times a day for 7 ml for 30-40 minutes before eating.On the first night is usually done, cleansing enema, and an hour later put microclysters of pumpkin seed oil.For microclysters need about 15-20 ml of oil.

When hemorrhoids, rectal fissures

When these issues helps to drink pumpkin oil 3 times a day for 1-2 tspbefore a meal, and at night give mikroklizmy oil.They do only after the main cleansing enema, since the goal microclysters not clear and heal.Also oiled damaged areas 1-2 times a day.

to treat urinary problems, and men and women

To solve the problem of the genitourinary system oil drink standard scheme - three pleased a day before meals for 2 tablespoons.This helps the prostate, prostate adenoma, cystitis, cervical erosion, and other diseases.

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