Lighten Hair cinnamon

Girls who have at least once in a lifetime clarified hair, knows what damage brings chemical paint.Yes, today there are more supposedly safe chemicals to give hair a platinum hue, but they all eventually lead to the same result - the hair becomes thin, brittle, whipped, lose length and volume.The only difference is the time when it will come - after 3-5 staining or a few years of regular use of chemical dyes.As a rule, light hair color - is the image that you want to keep for years to come.Few of the girls decided to lighten the hair for a short period of time - if hair color is, then it is a long contract.

Support chemically weakened hair coloring you can use various cosmetic products and procedures: masks, balms, serums, lamination.But it is expensive and time consuming.

lighten your hair a few shades possible and safe way, with the help of natural improvised.In whose favor to make a choice - to decide for themselves the future or a real blonde.People safe recipe lighten hair below.

main ingredient is a natural lightening cinnamon - yes, the very aromatic spice that we so often use in cooking or baking drinks.Hopefully, this product does not cause you doubt the safety and naturalness, because it created on the basis of "paint" could not even eat and get to the hospital with food poisoning or burns mucous if its membership was not part of the ordinary hair conditioner.

So, to prepare lightening natural colors we need:

- cinnamon
- natural honey
- balm

Take a deep ceramic or glass bowl (bowl, plate, cup) and pour 200 ml to an air conditioner or balm.It will serve as a basis, which will help to put a dye evenly on the hair.Adding to three tablespoons of cinnamon and 70 ml of liquid honey.Honey should be fresh and of good quality, mass-digested sugar no effect just will not give.

All components mix thoroughly - a spoon or spatula to be as ceramic, wood, plastic, but in any case not iron.As with chemical paint, steel utensils and tools are not suitable because they may cause undesired oxidation reaction.

Before painting should wash your hair with shampoo, a little dry hair and comb their crest.Then you can apply the paint with natural cinnamon.Strand by strand carefully plot the honey-cinnamon mixture thoroughly prokrashivaya even soaking her hair.

paint rub into the scalp is not necessary, also take care of the skin of face, neck and ears.If the mixture got there, remove it with a cotton swab same slice.

When painting is completed, the hair should be placed on a plastic bag or a special hat for 30-40 minutes.After this "greenhouse" can be removed and keep the paint for about 3-4 hours.Natural dyeing lasts longer chemical and strict time frames holding paint there.

After wash your hair with shampoo, you can use the balm.Brightening effect strengthen diluted rinse hair decoction of chamomile.

As a result of dyeing your hair to brighten two tones.If conduct this procedure every week, a month, you can easily become a bright blonde.At the same time natural lighting cinnamon will strengthen your hair, making them stronger and shinier, and honey provoke the flow of blood to the hair follicles, which will soon increase their volume.

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