Brondirovanie hair at home

According to statistics, about 80% of all women regularly color the hair, experimenting with color and fashion.However, only a third of them is fully satisfied with the results and find exactly the shade that allows the fairer sex looks more fashionable and attractive.Meanwhile, the stylists have recently found a universal solution to this problem by inventing a new version coloring strands, called brondirovanie .This term comes from two English words «brown» and «blond», implying that the staining strands going organic mix of light and dark shades.Every woman surely drew attention to the fact that after a trip to the spa or chemical treatments regrowth of hair look much darker than the ends.At about the same effect can be achieved when brondirovanie which suited blondes and brunettes.However, in this case, the hair will look not only natural, but also healthy, which is not true about the sun-bleached strands, which often have to "revive" with various folk remedies, or simply shear if outwardly they r

esemble rigid tow.

Despite the fact that in Europe and the United States brondirovanie today is a very trendy area of ​​hairdressing, not every Russian beauty shop is ready to offer this service to their attenders.Meanwhile, in the brondirovanie no big deal and the supernatural, so any woman can independently change their way home using hair dye several different shades .

Do brondirovanie Hair home

To begin to choose the base color, which will help ensure a natural transition curls from light to dark.This procedure may be neglected holders blond hair, which are ideal for brondirovanie.But natural brunettes or blondes have several colors to brighten or darken the hair to get the effect of sun-bleached locks.First, should dye my hair color base, after having visited the hairdresser and making a neat haircut.It is necessary to get rid of stratified hair ends, which can be done for result ruin the whole look.Moreover, it should be noted that the paint dry and brittle tips always gives a more intense color, that when brondirovanie is not an advantage and a disadvantage.So, after the hair is put in order, they should be painted by basic color that is as close to their natural color.The objective of this procedure is to ensure that the turn and blondes and brunettes in a light-brown hair beauties.However, in each case the effect will be different, as the blonde hair should be just a little bit darker and brunettes - a few shades lighter.At the same time it is best to give preference to paint the natural warm colors, which is best suited for brondirovanie.

Once the database is ready, you can start to experiment.True, experienced experts advise to do it in stages, to get comfortable with the chosen way and burn the hair chemicals .Therefore, after the first dyeing process is strand special shampoo and balsam, and then postpone the brondirovanie at least a week.It is possible that during this time you change your preferences in a choice of colors for the subsequent staining and will give preference to those colors that will look at the strands more naturally and harmoniously.

As a rule, the subsequent processing of hair used 2-3 different shades of paint, which is sustained in a single color.Otherwise, the locks will look unnatural and self brondirovanie become a normal coloring or highlighting.Therefore, the choice of paint for this procedure should be approached very carefully, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons".In order to obtain the desired result, it should be darker or lighter than the base color no more than 3-4 tones.Now, when you're done, you can proceed directly to the brondirovanie.What it will be - it depends only on you.Some women prefer to leave the roots of the hair darker and applied paint so that it will gradually lighten strands.Others, on the contrary, obscure and tips on approaching the roots vybelivayut hair.In addition, there is a technique brondirovanie, which means hair coloring in different shades whole strands to provide a rather unusual effect.Given the fact that the hair has been pre-painted with a paint wash strands necessary in about 20 minutes, using for this purpose a special protective shampoo and, as any chemical treatment that causes damage to the strands and should be minimized.After that there is only dry the hair and place them into a fashionable hairstyle.

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