How to dye your hair with henna

girls who dye their hair, are well aware that any chemical paint spoils the hair.The first time it is imperceptible, the hair looks beautiful and alive, but then they become dry, brittle and dull.This leads to loss of hair length - split ends must be constantly cut to the head was well-groomed, and also reduced the amount of hair.Thin and loose hairs from horses or break midway and fishery products from the permanent staining just do not have time.

Painting of hair in a radical color, which requires the use of an oxidant with a high percentage, can also lead to severe thinning and brittle hair at his temples.If you look closely, the majority of blondes and brunettes burning hair at the temples virtually absent or much shorter than the overall length.

To restore the hair is not necessary to forget about hair painting for a long time. You can dye your hair at the same time take care of them and restore them .If you prefer brown, copper, bronze, red, brown shades, you do not even have to change their ha

bits - the color will remain the same, but no harm.Such a useful hair coloring is possible using henna - natural dye.

Henna dyed their hair for many centuries ago, and the women of the nations that had adopted it, can boast strong, long, thick hair that really silky and shiny.

Today this method of painting became a little less popular because of the large assortment of new features and chemical dyes.But more and more women are returning to it when they realize that long-term staining chemistry not stand none hair.

henna staining is possible in the home, there is nothing fundamentally difficult, but nevertheless, there are certain rules that can not be broken.

Go to the coloring of hair using natural paints only a few months after the last use of chemical , otherwise henna simply does not take a fall on the hair evenly.

henna to dye your hair at home

Apply henna should only clean the hair, wet or dry.Do not use the air conditioner, mask or balm, because these funds cover the hair wrap and prevent the penetration of the pigment in the hair itself.

Before painting, it is necessary to lubricate all areas of the skin around the hair greasy cream to the skin is not color.Put a cloth or cover yourself - the pigment is very stable and is not satisfied with this content.

for dyeing hair with henna, you will need traditional tools : bowl, brush, cap, gloves if desired, but be prepared for the fact that the nails and the skin on the fingers can be painted in brown or yellow, which come only a few days atintensive wash.

You can adjust the desired shade of hair added to the henna Basma.

To get light brown color, mix in half henna and basma and keep the mixture on the hair for 30 minutes, for light-brown do the same, but will extend the staining for 1 hour.For bronzing take 2 parts henna and Basma one, and for chestnut - 3 parts Basma and one part henna painting lasts an hour and a half, respectively.

For the first staining Take henna powder with a stock - at a rate of ink, you may have a problem.In any case, the remains will be useful to you for further staining.

to properly dilute henna need very hot water, about 90 degrees.Pour the powder into a bowl and add water a teaspoon at a time stirring it until the consistency of thick cream.Do not overdo it with water, the liquid is very difficult to paint henna hair - it will drain and the color can not just take.Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes, it is necessary to become an active pigment.But at this time it is necessary to take measures for the conservation of heat - Cover the bowl with a lid and wrap it with a towel.You can also put a bowl of diluted henna on a steam bath or just into another container with hot water - cool the mixture can not in any case!

Apply henna on the hair must be very fast , again because of the temperature.Start better with neck - this zone is always worse than the stain, because there is lower the temperature of the head.Finish painting is necessary locks at the forehead, the temples, crown and bang - there hair is usually thinner and painted faster.Apply the paint to the roots, and then evenly distributed over the entire length.When the painting is completed, remove the hair under a cap and wrap head with a towel.

Rinse henna running water - do not need a shampoo, because before you wash your head and wash off the henna is good in itself.You can use the balm.

Henna powder store in a cool and dark place, you can even in the refrigerator.Ready composition can be stored in the same place about 2-3 weeks, before using it must be well warmed in a water bath.

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