How to dye your hair basmoj

Basma - is not only a natural hair color, but also an excellent means of care.The more you dye your hair, the better and healthier they are - is not it amazing effect?

But with natural dyes is not so simple as the chemical.Although the process of coloring hair is not very complicated and just the modern women have become accustomed to other ways and new technique can cause a lot of mistakes. Do not experiment with basmoj without preparation , before you start painting should be familiar with the rules and requirements for working with basmoj result to make you happy, not disappointed.

If you have previously used chemical paint - tinted hair, stained in dark (any) color, discolor, Streaked, then proceed to coloring the hair can only basmoj not earlier than three, and preferably four months.Chemical and natural dyes act differently: first destroy the hair structure, making it porous, destroying the natural pigment of the hair and replace the artificial, and the latter is saturated with hair color, smoo

th scales and "sealed" the hair, making it smooth.That is why hair that have been repeatedly painted with henna or basma have a healthy look and shine, can boast of strength and elasticity.

If basmoj hair dye earlier than three or four months, then there is every chance to get uneven, ugly stain that is not something that you do not decorate, but simply spoil.Besides disguise after an unsuccessful experience with basmoj will not be - chemical dyes will not lay down.Therefore, do not ignore the instructions clearly follow it, it's in your best interest.

Basma is never used alone, it is always necessary to mix with henna .Use of only one Basma could result from a zero result - your hair will remain, which were, or there is a possibility of acquisition greenish or bluish tint.To avoid this and to do the dye mixture of henna and Basma.Different proportions of these natural pigments will help obtain a result different colors.

To get :

- light-brown tint to mix henna and basma in equal parts.Time staining one o'clock;

- brown hue can also be obtained by means of mixing Basma and henna in the same proportions, but reduce the time to 30 minutes of staining;

- bronze color - mix two parts with one part henna Basma and apply the mixture on the hair for one hour;

- a deep chestnut color, we must take the 3 parts to 1 part Basma and henna hair dye and a half hours.

But from a purely black everything is more complicated.First, you need to prepare your hair to the color basmoj using henna staining within one hour.After that henna is necessary to rinse with warm running water without using any other shampoo or detergent.Next, let the hair dry, it is better without the use of a hair dryer.Comb your hair and start to paint on the strands of their basma.Try to apply the slurry evenly, and it is not quite easy.For the first time better to ask someone to help you.Painting Basma has a completely different texture than chemicals, so novice working with her is very hard.In the first times the flow rate may be higher - the paint will fall, drain, slide, so do please be extra bag of Basma, what would you have it accurately enough for high-quality color of the hair.Dyed locks have to stab and gently clean under the cap for 2-3 hours.Above you can wrap your head with a thick towel.After a specified period of time your hair will become a burning black.

to hair coloring basmoj was enjoyable, you still need to know some features .

- Before painting the hair basmoj take a very rich cream and apply it on the skin near the hair.It is also recommended to grease the ears, temples and neck.If you do not, you will be painted not only hair but also the skin, whereon the paint.And it is, believe me, somewhere to get accurate and delete it once you do not get.

- For this reason, wear old clothes that you do not mind, throw with the apron, having spread his feet rags - Basma has a very strong natural dye that is impossible to wash off.

- Add the slurry Basma essential oils, they will make the mixture more plastic, and opaque, facilitate the work of the paint, and, of course, further nourish your hair with nutrients.

- If you need to paint the gray hair, which is on your hair for more than 40%, the painting should begin with henna, and then move to basmu or its mixture with henna.

- Gruel Basma should be warm when painting - select a deep bowl with thick walls, so that it cools more slowly when it is necessary to heat a steam bath.

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