Gelatine hair mask at home

thick, shiny hair - is not only one of the main secrets of female beauty, but it is also an important criterion for human health.Owners thick stacks of smooth shiny hair is always in the center of admiring attention.

Unfortunately, not all representatives of the fair half of mankind nature has endowed with thick hair.However, that is no reason for panic - it is an occasion to act.But we must at the same time to understand that there is now such means, the ways in which you can for a couple of weeks of a thin tail hair to make a luxurious bushy tail.So it should be a lot of patience ...

One of the most effective means to give hair volume is a gelatin - the effectiveness of this inexpensive and easy to use tools already appreciated for thousands of women.

On the beneficial properties of gelatin

Gelatin is a product of animal origin, which includes protein and natural collagen.The use of gelatin for the hair is caused by the presence in its composition of animal protein such as keratin - keratin is

responsible for the attractive appearance of the hair.

Gelatin home allows to obtain the same effect as in the salon lamination.The only difference would be that the effect of the use of gelatin will last only a few days, but the cost of gelatinous mask compared with the prices of lamination in beauty salons, very, very low.

modern beauticians recommend to use gelatin and also for hair growth.The composition of the gelatin contains vitamin B, which strengthens hair, promotes their growth.After regular use of gelatin masks hair starts to grow faster, become more voluminous, dense, they have an attractive sheen.

gelatin hair mask - a recipe

So if an expensive salon procedures lamination hair, you can not afford, do not hesitate to go to the store for gelatin. gelatin mask the effect is not worse compared to the salon lamination (except that the effect lasts for only a few days), and is much cheaper.In addition, gelatin lamination is a fairly simple procedure that a lot of time you will not take.

So, you first need to thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo, soften them with the balm, and a little dry with a towel.Then comes the turn for the application of pre-cooked mask of gelatin.

mask is prepared very simply: three tablespoons of dry gelatin are bred in three tablespoons of warm boiled water, and the mixture is left to swell - is about half an hour.Then, the mask is added to the conditioner (balm) for hair, all bred to the consistency of thick cream.And, the last step - heating of the mask in a water bath occasional stirring for 3 minutes until complete dissolution of the gelatin.

So, gelatin mask should be spread evenly over the entire length of hair.The mask does not need to rub into the scalp, as this may cause itching.After the mask is distributed through the hair, the hair need to wrap polyethylene and a towel.You can heat the hair dryer in my head for 15 minutes, remove the towel.Mask of gelatin should be washed off not earlier than 30-45 minutes after application.

To maintain the beauty and health of your hair, to accelerate their growth, increase, experts recommend to make a mask of gelatin about once a week, more often.

The most pronounced effect of the gelatin masks felt thin and soft hair that keeps the volume of bad. Moreover, for owners of fine hair masks of gelatin can also be attractive in that they strengthen the hair, accelerate their growth, contributing to a real increase in volume.

Usually the effect of gelatin masks noticeable after the second application - the hair becomes more manageable and more shine.

When applying the mask, gelatin coats the hair, covering it with a thin film, so that hair is made slightly thicker.

To enhance the effect in a gelatin mask can also add other useful ingredients - black bread, or, for example, chicken egg yolks.

gelatin Recipes masks

most simple recipe: 2 tablespoonsdry gelatin filled with four tablespoons of warm water.The gelatin mixture to infuse for half an hour to swell, and then added to it honey, chicken egg yolk and 2 tablespoonsshampoo that you use.Prepare the mask needs to be warmed in a water bath to completely dissolve the gelatin - it will take about three minutes.If you do not completely dissolve the gelatin, then its fine particles get stuck in your hair and comb them out to be very problematic.After the gelatin is completely dissolved, the mixture should cool slightly and it can be applied to the hair.

There are other options gelatin recipes masks for different types of hair, for example, damaged or dry, gelatin or a mask for colored hair.

If you want to restore damaged hair, you should prepare a gelatin mask the following recipe: 1 tbspgelatin is dissolved in warm water to the mixture is added a little apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of essential oils of sage, rosemary, jasmine.All this must be thoroughly mixed, leave for half an hour A swelling.The mask should be applied to clean hair, for 15 minutes, followed by a rinse thoroughly with water.

gelatin mask for colored or bleached hair is prepared with lemon.One tablespoon of gelatin diluted in boiled water, and here it is added juice of half a lemon.The resulting mixture was thoroughly mixed and is set aside for half an hour to swell.Then, add two tablespoons of your shampoo and everything is mixed again.Apply the mask should be the full length of the hair evenly - after twenty minutes, the mask should be washed off with warm water.

Fortunately, saying that beauty requires sacrifice, not relevant - there are many ways of maintaining the attractiveness of its own, and many of these ways are easy to use and inexpensive.Thus, gelatin mask will make sure that your hair will always look lush, thick, beautiful, healthy.

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