Highlights for dark hair

Highlights for dark hair, which is a selective staining of the strands in a light tone, today still enjoys great popularity.The secret is simple: because this technology can give the hair a particularly attractive and sophisticated look.Clarified strands visually create volume and contrast, so dyed hair look natural and harmonious.Several years ago, the fashion was very thin strands streaked, and with a similar staining jewelry cope only experienced hairdressers.Today, on the contrary, relevant wider streaked curls, so perform this procedure by virtue of any woman in the home.For these purposes, you need only get a roll of foil food, Hairdressing clips, brush on a long handle, a fine-toothed comb and actually paint.

Highlights for dark hair at home

used for dyeing blondorant oxidizing agent, the concentration of which should not exceed 12%, otherwise the painted strands "burn out" and become tow.Naturally, the stronger the solution, the lighter shade of hair will turn. Experienced hairdressers advis

e for a smooth transition of colors to use two or even three types of dye with varying degrees of concentration. In this case the hair will look most attractive.

Before painting the hair should be divided into three parts - temporal and occipital.Two of these clips are intercepted so as not to interfere with the third paper.Then you need to cut the foil into strips of 7-10 cm in length, which will be 2 times the size of the coated strands.Blondorant should be diluted in any non-metallic bowl according to the instructions, selecting the most suitable concentration.Note that if the dark hair before coloring or subjected chemical wave, the resulting tone is much lighter than normal and unpainted strands.

Now, when you're done, you can proceed directly to the dyeing procedure.Start at the back of the head, from which you want to separate a small section, and the remaining hair clipped back, so they do not interfere with the work.Now the strand should be carefully combed and then divided into several parts with the handle comb.The thickness of the curl, which will be painted, chosen at their own discretion.However to streaked hair looked natural, is to alternate the thickness of the strands. Now we need to put a curl, which will be painted, a piece of foil.And, do it so that it reached the edge of the roots.Keep in mind that the foil must be perfectly smooth, without folds and dents, as this may result in uneven coloring of the hair.The next stage - the application of paint to a lock, which should cover the hair evenly.Coat with a lock need to brush, paying special attention to the roots.After that you need to tuck the foil from the edges and bottom so as to obtain a closed box.Now you are ready to process the next strand.

So first painted occipital part, and after the temples.Despite the fact that almost no modern blondorant spreads, have yet to take some precautions.For example, you can wrap the foil-like brush handle scoop.In the case when coloring ink drops will not fall on the other strand, and will remain on the foil.Time hair dye should not exceed 40-45 minutes.After that you need to carefully remove the foil and carefully rinse the head under running water.The hair is then thoroughly washed with a shampoo and treated with a special balm for colored strands are dried and placed in her hair.

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