Masks for hair density

About thick and luxurious hair almost every woman dreams, but not everyone can boast of such a gift of nature.Of course, the hair volume can be increased by artificial means, resorted to using special cosmetics or make a regular fleece, which should fix the paint.However, it is no secret that any chemicals very detrimental effect on the structure of the hair, and as a result the problem is only getting worse.Therefore it is better without urgent need not to resort to all sorts of sprays and shampoos to increase hair.It is much safer and more practical in this case to use the popular recipes, through which naturally can make hair thick and lush.

Recipes home masks for hair density

It, first of all, talking about a variety of masks based on natural products , which help not only to achieve the desired result without compromising the health of the hair, but also contribute to their strengthening, as well as more intensivegrowth.For example, an excellent solution to the problem is based mask broth herb

s, 50 ml of which should dissolve about 100 g of yeast.Moreover, for every type of hair should be individually select plant.Owners of blond hair is best to use the pharmacy daisy, red-haired beauties perfectly suited marigold flowers, and brown-haired brunettes and should chose the nettle, St. John's wort, or the leaves of burdock.The finished mask should be placed about 30-40 minutes in a warm place to ferment yeast, and before the use of add the 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil.Thereafter, the resulting mixture should be rubbed into the roots of the hair and uniformly distributed over all their length.Then you need to carefully wrap the head cellophane in order to avoid air access, and a thick towel.Rinse off the mask to be with shampoo in about an hour.In order to use this money to increase the volume and density of hair, use a mask should be 2-3 times a week for a month.

those who want not only to make the strands thicker, but also to restore the structure, should adopt a recipe egg mask with cocoa and yogurt, which is suitable for all hair types.To prepare it, 1 egg should carefully rub with 1 tablespoon cocoa, then add into the mixture of 100 ml of yogurt.If your hair is greasy by nature, it is better to take yogurt with zero percent fat and vice versa, for dry hair should be used as much as possible saturated fat fermented milk product.The mask should be applied to the hair, carefully treating the roots and tips.Rinse off the vehicle should be 2-3 hours of warm water without shampoo.To make the hair really become thicker and more luxuriant, you need to take a course of not less than 15 of the procedures that need to be done 2 times a week.

If hair has become dull and thin, then increase their density, return the natural shine and softness to help mask , consisting of 50 ml of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey.This recipe is also suitable for all types of hair and after the first use gives visible results.If you apply this mask at least once a week for several months, not only will your hair soft and silky, but also the increase in the amount of about a third.This mask should be thoroughly rubbed into the roots, and then distributed over the entire length of the hair, a good portion of the occipital promazyvaya.Then you need to head wrap with plastic wrap and a towel.Ideally, such a mask should be left on the hair overnight.However, if this is not possible, it should stand at least 1-2 hours, after which the vehicle must be washed with warm herbal decoction without using shampoo.

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