Mummy hair

mummy, often referred to as mountain resin is a mixture of organic and inorganic substances, which contains a large amount of vitamins and mineral microcomponents.It is not surprising that this gift of nature in ancient times people have learned to use to treat a variety of diseases.Much later, the mummy is widely used in cosmetics, and today on the basis thereof are ready not only creams and balms, and shampoos for the hair, which need special care.

mummy composition may vary, as determined by the place of origin of this natural substance. Nevertheless, mummy hair is a real boon.Particularly if they are damaged or fall rapidly after dyeing, thermal or chemical treatment.Of course, as a preventive measure is better to use shampoos, which include the natural product.However, for those who need serious treatment of hair, should buy the mummy in its pure form for home to prepare their own mask, which will help get rid of a variety of problems.

Medicinal properties mummy still not fully understood, but

it is known that this is a unique material perfectly strengthens hair roots and helps restore metabolic processes in the follicles due to the activation of blood circulation.Additionally, mummy is one of the best means to combat dandruff, which is known to promote the development of alopecia.Also worth noting is that the product is perfectly restores the structure of hair damaged by a variety of procedures, including chemical wave, prevents their separation and the cross-section eliminates breakage, dryness and stiffness strands.It should also be noted that with the help of mummy can make hair smooth and manageable, return them to a natural shine, softness and elasticity.Plus, mummy promotes hair growth, making them more dense and lush, and in this respect the best care products simply do not find.How to apply

mummy hair

Use mummy at home is very simple, as this solid dissolves easily in ordinary water.Plus, the mummy is suitable for all hair types, so you can use it quite calmly, without fear that it will increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands, or, on the contrary, dry up the scalp.Those who want to strengthen the hair with mummy, quite a few grams of the substance to dissolve in 2-3 tablespoons of boiled water at room temperature.As a result, it should get a liquid of dark brown color with a distinctive resinous odor, which should be rubbed into the hair roots before each wash head.After the procedure is recommended to wait at least an hour and then wash your hair in the usual way, using the shampoo for your hair type.When it comes to dealing with dandruff, then the roots of the hair treatment solution mummy should be supplemented by massage and peeling.For oily hair, you can use ordinary table salt, which should be rubbed into the scalp just before her washing.On dry hair, things are a bit more complicated, since in this case the skin of the head often have increased sensitivity, prone to inflammation and irritation.Therefore, you can try as a natural scrub finely ground coffee, which is to be rubbed into the skin is mixed with a small amount of fat cream for the face.You should not fear that after such a procedure efficiency mummy will be minimized.Those 20-30 minutes, until the agent acts on the hair roots, enough that they receive the necessary power.

When it comes to restoring brittle and dry hair, you can use a mask, which is made of 2 tablespoons of the mummy of an aqueous solution, the same amount of aloe juice, 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of honey.The resulting mixture must first be liberally applied to the roots, then spread evenly over the entire length of the hair and carefully handle the tips.After 30 minutes, the mask should be washed off with water at room temperature without shampoo.To achieve the desired effect of improving the mask must be applied each week.And to wash after using the hair with shampoo can be no earlier than 2-3 days.Besides, restore split ends in a few weeks can be using the lotion, which is made from a solution of 2 tablespoons of the mummy and the same amount of broth peppermint.Apply the product should be first on the damaged ends, and then evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair and rub into the roots.This lotion is recommended to use daily at bedtime, to help purify great scalp, strengthen the follicles and prevent brittle strands.Those who want to achieve a more intensive hair growth is to mix 100 ml mummy and the same amount of fresh cranberry juice, and then dissolve all of 1.5-2 liters of boiled water.The resulting product is used as a rinse after shampooing hair, perfectly stimulates their growth, and providing shine and softness strands.

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