How to remove the yellowing from the hair during brightening

When lightening hair, many women are often faced with such a problem, as the appearance of yellow.Moreover, it can not only occur at the first, but after repainting strands.Naturally, such a tone, but still unevenly distributed in the hair, no hair adds appeal.So you should take care to avoid such a problem.

First you need to objectively assess the state of their hair, and think about whether they are generally subjected to chemical treatment.If strands brittle and dry, it is very likely that after staining them will yellowness.Therefore it is better to go to an experienced hairdresser to trim split ends and consulted about the upcoming staining.It is likely that before you start this procedure, you have to spend a few weeks on the restoration and strengthening of hair.

Getting their clarification, it should be remembered that the occipital part of the painted is always much slower than the fringe and side locks.Therefore, the application of paint should start from it, clearly respecting all instru

ctions.Repeated hair color to avoid yellow, paint should be applied in the first regrowth, and then evenly distributed over the entire length of hair.We should not be tempted to paint the roots more intensely.Yellow at the same time, if the hair is in poor condition, still can not be avoided, but burn the strands and cause serious damage to the follicles can be very easily.Also, be aware that the use of paint to lighten regrowth need no more than once a month.Otherwise, after two or three coloring hair may need a serious cosmetic help.

If all the rules and safety measures yellowness of the hair still there was no need to panic and turn from blonde to brunette. is always possible to rectify the situation more forgiving and accessible ways at home.One is the regular use of a special shampoo to remove yellowness, which also serves as a tonic.However, wanting to achieve the desired effect, it is better to choose not to extreme shades, and give preference to the natural tones - ashy, pearly or silvery.Of course, the overall hair color with several changes, but yellowness so simple, affordable and, most importantly, it is a safe way to still be able to paint effectively.It is worth noting that this option is the most appropriate for highlighted hair that self repainted at home is almost impossible.As for those women who decided to completely brighten strands and eventually became the owner of hairstyles obscure shades with a pronounced yellowness is not only near the roots, but at the tips, in this case it is necessary to resort to proven folk remedies.

One is the juice of white grapes, which must be added to the regular shampoo at each shampooing the rate of 1 tablespoon per 50 ml of the product.This simple and safe recipe does not act immediately, but gradually, removing yellowing strands with about 2-3 weeks.This shampoo suck necessarily rub into the roots or to leave a lock for a long time.Use it should be as an ordinary cosmetic.However, to enhance the effect it is recommended to rinse the hair after washing with warm water with lemon juice, which is added at the rate of 1 teaspoon per liter.By itself, the lemon juice does not affect the color tone of strands and unable to remove the yellowing, but thus treated hair faster fade in the sun.Therefore it is necessary to take his assistant ultraviolet light, which, for all its shortcomings still refers to the hair much more carefully than paint.

Besides, one should not neglect the masks, which are able not only to eliminate the yellowness of the hair, but also to give them back the vitality, shine and softness after staining. In particular, this task perfectly cope natural honey, a small amount is needed to melt on a steam bath, and then put on the roots and spread throughout the length of the hair.This mask is best to do before going to bed, as it should be left to the strands of at least 10 hours.Therefore, after application of honey need a good wrap head with polyethylene, wrap a towel and with peace of mind to go to bed.In the morning you need honey rinse with warm water without using shampoo and then dry the hair in a natural way, without the use of a hair dryer.Of course, to get rid of yellow thanks to a procedure does not succeed, but if you do the mask at least once a week for a month, the results were not long in coming.

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