We decided to build a chicken coop in the country

There is an opinion that the chicken coop in the country can be made from ordinary barn.But it is not so!He should be well planned and efficiently built to meet certain conditions to be considered for each stage.


hen house in the country

Any construction should begin with planning.It is at this stage lays the entire functionality of the future construction, as well as the required conditions and characteristics.And the first thing selected location next henhouse.It should be as close as possible to the man to ensure continuous supervision of the bird.The land must be dry.Ideally, a chicken coop in the country should be placed on sandy soil.If the ground is wet, this area should be dry, to make drainage and fill with sand.The selected site should be protected from direct wind or trees or bushes.


Of course, for any construction, which is planned to be used for a long time, requires a foundation.But as a chicken coop in the country - it is a lightweight design, it can be a full-fledged foundation

to do.For these purposes fit several pillars driven into the ground.Moreover, it is desirable to raise the poles above the ground, then harder predators will get to pets.

Walling hen house in the country with their own hands

Well, actually, a chicken coop with his hands in the country has already started to be erected, because if there is a foundation, the more a matter of time.The walls of the chicken coop can be made from any material that you prefer.But it should be borne in mind that the future structure should cope well with the preservation of heat inside, or else the chickens will not be able to spend the winter.So make sure when choosing building materials for walls coop pay attention to this.Also, do not allow direct sunlight into the chicken coop that will warm up the wall, becauseit can lead to proliferation of various parasites.


This step can be interchanged with the previous one, becauseit does not matter.Fundamentally different.Sex should be warm.It can be made of wood or two or even three layers, depending on the climatic conditions of the region.Gender should not prevent the exit of moisture.When humidity inside the chicken coop will be high, it will lead to mold and mildew.Therefore it is not recommended to do floor of concrete or asphalt.

Arrangement walking zone

building a chicken coop in the country Walkup should be comfortable and safe.Therefore, it should be fenced.It is best to perform the fence of mesh-netting.In this case, the birds will not be able to escape, and they will be protected from potential predators.You should also consider the site on the promenade at the watering place, in which can be a trough.You should also provide some shelter that will protect pets from direct sunlight during the hot sunny days.


That's almost a chicken coop in the country and built.It remains to make a roof.Why it should be installed after the fence walking area?For your convenience and safety, and aesthetic beauty of the whole structure.If the walking area will be closed from all sides, including the top, it will minimize the risks from predators.Also, a roof over walking zone will protect it from the rain and various litter, such as leaves in autumn, which will save power harvesting.And finally - this appearance.Under a single roof structure will look a lot nicer.


The final stage is the creation of perches and nests.Number of slots is calculated based on the number of hens, and is about 3 slot for every 10 hens.You should also provide nest and pedestrian zone in the summer time.As perches, they should be sound and without large openings and they must be placed at a height of 50 cm, and at the same distance from each other.That's all!Building a chicken coop in the country is completed.You can start to settle it.