To learn how to cook the peas

Peas actively cultivated in our country, because this process is complex.Pea yields a rich harvest, besides the product does not require any special cooking.Furthermore, it may even replace meat, because it is easy to digest and digest contains many dietary fibers, vitamins, fatty acids and rare minerals.That is why every woman should know how to cook the peas.And if someone, for whatever reasons, deprived of this information, this article will describe in detail about this.

how to cook the peas

Choosing a good product

For this it is seen through the packaging drawing attention to the fact that a good product should have a uniform color (which is allowed a small amount of black peas, which are subsequently removed).Such pulses can be whole and chopped, in the first case will require more time to brew, but the choice is always the mistress.

Cook peas

Before cooking the peas should be noted that the process takes a great amount of time (two hours), it is recommended to pre-soak the beans in water.Incidentally, from

this body will not have a strong gas formation.After that, peas with cold water and cook on low heat.It should be noted that it is not recommended during the cooking process add cold water, as from this product will lose its taste, therefore it is necessary to pre-calculate all proportions.

When salted beans?

If we talk about how to properly cook the peas, then you need to say that the salt it before the end of cooking, as salt water he just seethe and become unpalatable.And in order to preserve the natural color of the dish, toss into the boiling water a small amount of sugar.

how much to cook the peas

How to cook the peas right

When you need to boil the peas quick-frozen, it is thawed, and immediately placed in boiling water.This will not only preserve the appearance and taste of the dish, but also all present in it vitamins and minerals.

How to cook dried peas dry peas

first washed and soaked overnight in cold water.Then he poured water at the rate of 1: 2, and cook on medium heat.When the water boils away, it is poured, and continue to do so as long as the dish is ready.The whole preparation process in this case takes about one hour.

Cook pea puree

to boil the peas

Very often heard the question about how much you need to cook the peas to cook mashed potatoes.The answer is simple - you need to weary rump simmered at least fifty minutes, not including pre-soak it.It should be borne in mind that knead and rub mashed should immediately after cooking, when the peas still hot.This will help avoid the formation of lumps.Then oil was added into the dish (butter or vegetable), and various spices.

the outcome of

Now we know how to cook the peas.I must say that it was used in ancient Russia for soups, noodles, jelly and cakes.Today we know a large number of recipes from this useful and nutritious legume which is used in daily culinary menu.