Artificial birth: evidence and implications

are rare representatives of the fair sex, who do not want to realize themselves in motherhood, even if it will have all the required conditions.Terms of quite a lot, certainly on the list is health, financial well-being, a loving husband reliable, adequate housing.But all women differently folded fate, and sometimes not always successfully.Sometimes pregnant women find themselves in situations where the prospect of future maternity leaves much to be desired.Clearly defined the term for which the intentional termination of pregnancy is not abortion and artificial birth already.This is the period from 12 weeks to 22. If there are suspicions, the period of pregnancy can be confirmed by ultrasound.This procedure usually gives accurate results.

artificial birth

artificial birth medically

existing today standards of the Health Ministry, which is based on public health and determine the possible indications for to allow artificial birth for medical or social reasons.Medical indications in turn can manifest as from the

fetus, and from women.We describe all the reasons in the appropriate order.The cost of artificial birth committed without evidence, simply fabulous, not only in financial terms but also in terms of health.Each doctor from the time an order known for certain indications of artificial birth.

the cost of artificial birth

Indications for artificial birth:

- tuberculosis;

- significant tissue damage liver and kidneys;

- oncology;

- young age;

- progressive polyneuritis;

- thyrotoxicosis;

- serious illness of the lungs and the blood;

- recently undergone surgical intervention difficult;

- loss of capacity due to mental disorder;

- pathological pregnancy, which carries a risk to the woman's life;

- uncorrectable failures chromosome in the fetus;

- severe malformations;

- not developing, missed abortion.

consequences of artificial birth


uterus woman has recently given birth is a huge wound, but nature provides natural defense mechanism that protects the body from severe blood loss.The fact is that before the onset of a normal delivery of the vessels that supply blood to the placenta, zapustevaet greatly speeding up the process at the right time of blood clotting.But when artificial birth this protection is absent, and the woman, respectively, may just bleed and die.

the effects of artificial birth


Quite often, women who have had artificial birth, a new pregnancy are experiencing serious problems.In order to achieve the result is sometimes necessary to resort to a thorough examination and further treatment.But there is not any guarantee that the measures taken will be fruitful.


artificial birth often cause of infectious-inflammatory processes, as it becomes very easy target surface of the uterus.The problem is complicated sometimes spread to other organs: the ovaries, the fallopian tubes.The effects of inflammation include violation of tubal patency, decreased ovarian function, dysfunction of the mucous membrane of the uterus.