What should be a routine schoolboy?

Scientists have shown that if the schedule correctly, you not only all have time, but also can avoid the stress and the development of certain diseases.Knowing in advance the time that you have to eat, work and relax, you will get more chances to avoid neurosis, gastric ulcers, and sleep disorders.

Do plan a day student?schedule schoolboy

Previously it was necessary to wake the child at 7am.Then he must do morning exercises, breakfast, clean bed and go to school.In today's world, things are somewhat different.Not all schools, classes begin the same way, many children are enrolled in those schools that are far away from home.Therefore, making the student schedule, keep in mind that children need to wake up somewhere in an hour before going home to have time to do morning exercises, breakfast, clean bed, wash and dress.

Road to school

necessary to calculate in advance how much time it will take to the road to school.And that will not be late, it is necessary to leave the house before five minutes.The child is requi

red to stay a little longer on the street before the lessons begin.You can get off at one stop earlier and walk a little distance.Such a procedure will help the student better tune into the educational process and significantly raise the mood.

Meal Time schedule for schoolboy

composing schedule schoolboy, consider the fact that the child needs to take a walk after school.After returning home to remind their child that he dismantled portfolio changed and put in washing dirty things.Lunch can last about an hour.After that, the child is required to rest.Further, the schedule can include student clubs and walking.Do not forget to feed the child!

What to do in the evening?

evening, be sure to do their homework.Do not forget to dedicate one o'clock free classes.You can sit for half an hour at the computer and see a couple of cartoons.From 21:00 to 22:00 is to lay baby to sleep.Current time is necessary to determine, depending on the temperament of your child.The schedule for the student is required to include some treatments that will help him to tune into a peaceful sleep.

Features regime grader

From birth, parents must stick to the daily routine of your baby.schedule a first-grader Then the child will be organized and attentive.First-graders needed sleep during the daytime.Then he will be willing, assembled and ready for homework.The daily routine of the first-grader should be drafted in such a way that at 21:00 every day he went to bed.Invent a ritual for him that will help him tune in to sleep at a certain time.Do not forget to check some things that are routine schoolboy.Treat your baby breast morning porridge or scrambled eggs.Give it to a sandwich or fruit.For the return of the child from school, cook it a complete meal, which will contain all the necessary materials for proper growth and development.Adhering to these guidelines, you can help your child grow up healthy and disciplined.