What if the cat diarrhea?

What causes diarrhea in kittens?

most seemingly innocuous reason lies in the change in the situation.Toddler taken from a native, warm, soft and smelling milk mom and brought in a totally unfamiliar place with strangers odors and strange sounds.In cat diarrhea kitten is experiencing stress.It is still unstable nervous system reacts to this stress loose stools.There is one treatment - tenderness, caring, warm hands and even your cozy bed.In such circumstances, a tiny lump quickly adapts, take you for my mother will purr in your ear is not it, and you.Prevention for possible stab immunostimulant.

Another reason that caused the cat's diarrhea may be a change of power

And especially for those cats that are "sitting" on a diet.Challenge diarrhea can add a new ingredient in the food and feeding too much even before the feed well tolerated.Very loose stools react kittens, which only took into the house.There may already be a double burden - stress, which we have mentioned, and a completely new ration.It is therefor

e essential, irrespective of breed kitten, clarify in detail the host cat, what and how to eat kittens before.What matters even number of feedings.In order not to miss any detail (even they are important!), Write down the information and follow the advice at least in the early days.Later, you can feed a kitten food another, gradually removing some and adding other products.

In cat diarrhea that do What other factors may cause the cat's diarrhea?

They, of course, a lot.Key:

  • spoiled food (sour, late, poor quality);

  • eating wool (woolen lumps);

  • zaglistovannost (parasites);

  • bowel disease;

  • allergies;

  • drugs;

  • hyperthyroidism;

  • colitis;

  • viruses.

So the cat diarrhea.What to do?

If you are sure that the issue of concern for the health of your furry lump causes, we can restrict reception of harmless drugs called "activated charcoal" and "Atoxil" (or equivalent). Diarrhea in kittens It chelators that can "collect" irritants and bring them out of the body.They are most effective when a mild poisoning."Atoxil" is dissolved in water and injected through a dropper or syringe (of course, without a needle) kitten in her mouth (labial fold is pulled, the head throws, poured a little medication) and tablets (kitten enough one) are fed (broken into two or four pieces andplaced as far as possible, at the entrance of the neck).Even easier to stretch your tablet to a fine powder and mixed with water, pour the composition.All the food at the same time removed (leaving the water) at least 12 hours.

If one day the cat diarrhea has passed, contact the clinic!

Short bouts of diarrhea does not cause fear, but prolonged diarrhea indicates serious problems that require on-site diagnostics.The presence of infection (or severe disease) will show only tests.Loose stools, which can be aggravated further and frequent vomiting, threatening dehydration, which in turn can cause the death of your pet.