Humidity in the apartment: what it should be

If you often experience drowsiness, quickly get tired, the reason may lie in a bad microclimate of your apartment.Air temperature affects our well-being, but also do not forget about such parameters as humidity.How it affects the person and how it can be adjusted?This was just discussed in this article.

humidity in apartment

Influence of humidity on the concentration of water vapor in the room is largely dependent on its climate, which determines the comfort and well-being of its inhabitants.If a high humidity in the apartment is combined with excess dry air (relative humidity value - less than 30%) in humans enhanced evaporation of moisture that causes discomfort.And sometimes even excessive dryness can lead to cracks in the mucosa of the small blood vessels and bleeding.When the humidity in the room is increased, the walls often appear and begin to actively develop fungus and mold.And the food in this environment rapidly deteriorate.However, the lack of moisture often causes discomfort.

How to find a middle grou


humidity should be in the apartment?Experts believe that it should be in the range of 30 to 60%.In this range, it is for heat transfer and teplooschuschenii person has almost no effect.Many experts agree that the most optimal for the majority of people can be considered a relative humidity of 45%.

How to increase the humidity in the apartment air humidity

If excessive dryness of the air, you can put the porous ceramic vessels with water near the indoor radiator or between sections.If there are not, use any open container.The water should be 1-2 immerse the harness of good to get wet cloth.The upper ends should be tied to a radiator pipe.To humidity in the flat it became normal, sufficient daily evaporation to 2 liters of water.If air continues to dry, increase the number of bundles.Increase the humidity in the room can also use the aquarium, indoor plants, or even a fresh bouquet of flowers.Despite the small effect of these funds will also contribute to self-composition of the air in your home.

which humidity should be in the apartment What if the room is too damp

If the humidity in the apartment above the norm, then its removal is carried out using a systematic airing or heating.In the summer, especially when the sun is on the street, windows humid rooms should be open.A possible reason could be the fault of dampness water pipes adjacent to the house drain pipe or sewer.In this case, first of all we need to find and eliminate the source of moisture.When this is not possible (for example, the source - groundwater), raw surface of the wall stud waterproof material.


Thus, using the techniques described can be entirely avoid installing an air conditioner or elektrouvlazhnitelya.Especially the above tips will be useful in the case where, for whatever reason this is not possible or practical (for example, when renting an apartment).