Heart turkey.

This byproduct rich in B vitamins, as well as elements such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron.Often heart turkey recommend to those people who suffer from anemia or from the constant stress.It is worth noting that the product contains a large amount of cholesterol, so those who have it upgraded, it is better not to use these by-products.

How to cook a turkey heart heart turkey recipe

following recipe is very interesting, and the finished dish will surprise the household and make a festive meal.So, about a kilogram of hearts (better to take the larger specimens, which will reduce the time of preparation) to wash and clean them ventricles (usually there is blood).Inside each put a bit of crushed olives.Heat a little butter and put in his heart that must be pre-salt and pepper.Add a spoonful of oregano, half a glass of dry white wine.Top with diced carrot and onion rings, pour a half cup of mayonnaise all.The pan cover and simmer until cooked dish, on average it takes 50-60 minutes.Naturally, when applying without

fresh greens can not do, and as a side dish fit any cereal.

heart turkey.Recipe unusual preparation

This is a very interesting dish that and fried, and baked.Wash the offal, cut into small pieces, sauté well on vegetable oil 25 minutes with all the desired spices.Then, on a separate heat-resistant surface cook onions and carrots with a few tomatoes.In refractory container to put the vegetables (by the way, you can add to them, such as zucchini or peppers).Vegetables should be put on the heart (and pour the gravy from the pan) and cover with a second portion of vegetables.Put the form in the oven for 20 minutes, that's all, you can bring to the table the heart turkey.The recipe is simple and unusual, goes well with boiled rice or potatoes.

how to cook turkey hearts

Unusual heart heart turkey

to start making the marinade.Mix a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce (use only the type of light), a spoon of dark sauce, a pinch of hot pepper and half a spoon of seasoning usyanmyan (it includes the seeds of anise, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and pepper sychuansky).The resulting mixture half an hour keeping cut slices of the heart.Next, cut into thin strips and green onions leeks and carrots cleansed.A piece of root ginger and garlic a couple zubochkov Clean and chop finely.Greens wash and grind (parsley or cilantro).Heat the oil in a frying pan, pour the garlic and ginger and keep a minute or two, then add the heart and fry until cooked.Add a couple of tablespoons of dry wine and wait until it boil.At the end add the chopped vegetables and herbs, keep on a hot frying pan no more than a few minutes.The dish should have a contrast, that is, the meat is tender and juicy, but the vegetables crisp.Heart turkey (recipe test of time) turns out very tasty and can be offered as a separate dish.

Conclusion cook turkey hearts

worth noting that it's not all recipes for cooking turkey offal.You can make a wonderful salad.Marinate heart and carrots (grated on the Korean grater) in vinegar with water (it should be only slightly acidic).Then both products fry until cooked, preferably separately, and then mix.Meanwhile, boil Chinese noodles and cut into small strips, all together.Salad ready.By the way, for those who like, you can add a little pickled onions, and you get a very tasty and flavorful turkey heart.The recipe is simple and versatile and useful for a family dinner and the festive table.