How to make a magnet at home?

How to make a magnet at home: the first way

There are two variants of manufacture, each of which has its own characteristics.The first variant is based on the magnetic vinyl and its application.Taken vinyl whose thickness should be not less than 0.4 mm.You can select a sample with a glossy or matte finish.And then print the image on the printer (as usual photos).Advantages of this method are its simplicity and fairly rapid production.But we should not forget about the shortcomings as to make the magnet will not so simple.Firstly, the small thickness and gives a slight attraction.Secondly, it is quite expensive.Third, the quality of these magnets is poor.The reason for this is precisely the mark of the printer.This method is suitable for single orders when only need one or two to make a magnet

second way

second method is another technique execution.It is more appropriate in the case, if you want to learn how to make a magnet.Conventional printed image (you can on photographic paper, but you can on a

normal cardboard).Then you need to laminate the image.When the image is ready, he bought a magnet of vinyl and laminate glued to our image.

What do you need?

Both of these methods are good for making at home.All you need for the production of such magnets is:
- computer (required for a program to edit images; today the best is the "Photoshop").
- Color Inkjet Printer (quality, of course, should be good).

- cutting instruments.There are several relevant species.Vinyl is easy to cut, even with scissors, but to the edge of the magnets are equal, it is desirable to use special devices, such as roller cutter.If funds permit, you can buy and cutter.He will save the raw material (because the image can be adjusted to match the current format).

how to make the magnet in a home How to make a powerful magnet?
First you need to find the original form.You can take a ready-made sculptures and medallions, and you can find an amateur sculptor and order products to him.Based on the obtained layout do billet form.It is desirable to use a latex for this purpose, since these forms will be used multiple times.

how to make a powerful magnet

recommendations on how to make a magnet
1. The form should not have flaws, as if a magnet will turn poor quality.
2. The preform should be bulk on one side and have a smooth surface for attachment to the other.

choice of material

Now select the material of the magnet.It may be polyvinyl chloride, various resins and plastics, and can be mixed with gypsum PVA glue.You're ready to pour the material into the mold and the vacuum pump to pump air.Once a magnet hardens, coloring it (preferably used for this liquid plastic).The last step is gluing of the image to the workpiece.With these simple tips the question of how to make the magnet will no longer have to worry.