Pig at home.

Pig is one of the most profitable businesses in agriculture.

pig at home benefits pig business

This statement is based on facts, such as the rapid growth of these animals, a relatively large litters in quantitative terms (up to 14 piglets per sow at a time), short gestation period of offspring (about 4 months).It should also be borne in mind that the rest of the pet pigs are omnivores, so the nurse this beast is easier than the other.It is especially advantageous pig at home to farmers who have a large family, as all the waste from the human table are in progress.

Types pig

Note that the pig at home includes three activities.This growing piglets for fattening, production and complex young pig.Choose a specific activity should be according to what the preferences of local markets.Also, before making a final decision it is necessary to know how many there are in the area of ​​pork and meat, pigs for fattening and directly feed themselves.And matching all the numbers, you can make a decision about the dir

ection in which it is most advantageous to develop a pig at home here and now.

business plan for the future of breeders

only making all the calculations, you can begin to realize their ideas - to organize pig at home.A business plan that is making practical calculations of their future enterprise, be sure to add the following items:

  1. procurement young or pregnant pigs, pigs mature for mating and producing offspring, ie the purchase of a main component of business;
  2. purchase of feed;
  3. equipment pigsties.

Tips seasoned pig producers

Organization pig

  1. should know that pigs - animals are extremely smart response to the caress, affectionate and loyal.The only problem is that people measure out their too short life and put themselves between himself and these creatures barrier.They also can be attached to argue even with the dog fidelity.Therefore it is best not to buy adult animals and piglets in order to grow exactly what breeder wants to see in the future.
  2. pig Organization depends not only on fodder, but also on the premises, which will contain the animals.It must be sufficiently spacious, comfortable for sanitary works.It should be noted that the pigs necessarily need sunlight and the possibility to receive mud baths.
  3. suckling young animals should be fed from the first days after birth.Feeding is carried out after the mother feed the piglets their milk.For this afternoon swine cubs offer is not pure cow's milk, with the addition of a raw chicken egg: per liter of milk - 3 eggs since swine milk contains more protein.
  4. Every day for pigs is the month of life.Based on this and plan to lure kids.On the second day they offer a grated raw carrot, the third - is added to a mixture of apple, on the fourth - boiled chopped potatoes and so on.
  5. to the meat of animals intended for fattening, it was softer and tastier cattle must be fed a lot of greens.This may be the tops of carrots and beets, vegetable weeds, nettles.Be sure to put the pigs trough near capacity with charcoal and salt.Also, they constantly need fresh drinking water.

domestic pig


Domestic pig farmers have to bear not only the material income, but also moral satisfaction.Because the thing that is done with love, - the most cost-effective, because people invested in him their labor and soul.