Tablets against pregnancy: contraception or abortion?

Since ancient times, women are faced with the problem of prevention of unplanned conception or getting rid of the fetus have originated.Today, as before, these issues remain relevant.But to help our contemporaries, unlike their distant predecessors, can come pills against pregnancy.

pills against pregnancy

dangerous to oral contraceptives?

most often recommended by experts method of preventing conception - hormonal oral contraceptives.Many women are afraid to use such pills against pregnancy because of possible side effects.However, the medicine is far stepped forward, and many of the shortcomings that had hormones mid-twentieth century, today eliminated.Moreover, these drugs are often used for the normalization of the menstrual cycle.It is also proved that a new generation of oral contraceptives reduces the risk of many women's diseases, including cancer.

How do hormonal contraceptives?

against pregnancy pills contain hormones progestogen or tarragon, or a combination thereof in a different dosage.Minimum dose of h

ormone sufficient to prevent ovulation and thus fertilization.If this should happen, the active substance pellets do not allow the egg to attach to the uterine wall.As well as a few decades ago, oral contraceptives are divided into monophasic, two- and three-phase.Due to the ease of use is preferable monophasic pills containing the same dose of hormones.The level of effectiveness of oral contraceptives now reaches 99%.Now these contraceptives are available, they are presented in a wide range at any pharmacy.But we should remember that each type of pill has its contraindications.In order to choose the right drug to achieve the desired effect and reduce the risk of side effects, consult your doctor.

pills pregnancy after intercourse

Emergency contraception

There are moments when passion arises spontaneously, and then spontaneous sex is unprotected.Manufacturers, pharmacists sympathetic to women and created a means of emergency contraception - pills pregnancy after intercourse.These tablets contain a loading dose of combined hormone, impeding the consolidation of the fertilized egg in the uterus.This means that if an unwanted conception occurred, it would be "derailed."To avoid an unplanned pregnancy, there are three days to use emergency contraception after unprotected exposure incident.But do not get carried away: this method of protection can not be permanent, it is for rare cases.Furthermore, it does not guarantee 100% protection.So about a month, it is desirable to see a doctor and be tested for possible pregnancy.

Chinese pills for abortion

Contraception Chinese

One of the innovations of gynecology, which appeared in the Russian market in 2005-2006 - Chinese pills for pregnancy termination.The drugs are based on hormones, causing a sharp contraction of the uterus.A more accurate name for this effect - "medical abortion".Of course, the use of these tablets has its advantages.They did not have such a negative effect on the woman's body, as a traditional abortion considerably reduced risk of complications.Nevertheless a high risk for bleeding.Therefore, uncontrolled use of tablets, interrupting a pregnancy is dangerous.There is also the moral aspect of this method of family planning.It takes several weeks from the moment of conception, and in a woman's body is no longer a set of cells, but a living child.And any abortion, including medical, is, in fact, murder.It is necessary to remember this when you decide what kind of pills against pregnancy to apply and at what point do it.