Custard for "Honey" to choose from

Pets tradition

Cake "Honey" - the traditional home-made cakes, which by its popularity is second only to the "Napoleon."You still have not tried to cook it?Or maybe you want to update your usual number of new prescription cream?

custard for Honey

Yes, it determines the taste of the cake custard for "Honey."It determines the ease and richness of dessert, the prevalence of taste or aroma unusual due to the use of fruit.This is the beauty of home cooking.You can dream, substituting ingredients or combining them in different ways, and can strictly follow the recipe.We invite you to experiment and cook tasting custard for "Honey" one of the recipes.Surely one of them you will enjoy.

Custard oil

milk (two cups) boil.Sugar (two glasses), and eggs (two) beat with a mixer and pour in the milk mixture, cooled down to a warm state.Boil the mass of one to two minutes.Butter (300 grams) previously softened gradually enter the chilled dairy mass, whipping mixer.

classic cream with eggs

Mash yolks of six eggs and a

half cups of sugar until white, add two tablespoons of flour and vanilla.Stir well and slowly pour two glasses of milk.Make sure that there are no lumps.In a saucepan, boil three cups of milk, some of which pour, stir in the egg mass.Proceed very slowly, so as not curled yolks.Then pour the mixture back into the remaining boiling milk and, without ceasing to stir, bring to a boil.

custard oil

Custard - a recipe without eggs

To get thick cream without using eggs, increase the amount of flour in the cream.Take a basis for the previous recipe, the deletion of the yolks.Flour will be required to take six tablespoons.Pay special attention to the fact that there were no clots and lumps.If necessary, use a mixer.In such a custard for "Honey" is better to add the butter.

Custard with semolina

This cream is slightly different than the boiled eggs on.It differs both in color and taste.Its feature - tenderness.Cook the semolina, which in boiling milk (1 liter) pour, stirring, semolina (4 tbsp. Tablespoons) and cook for 8-10 minutes.While it cools, butter (600 grams) with a whisk sugar (200 grams).When the porridge would be cool, add it to the parts one tablespoon in a creamy mass.Cream turns snow white and fluffy.

Custard for "Honey" with honey and bananas

custard recipe without eggs

Taking the classic cream, you can vary it with a new flavor, add fruit.To do this two or three banana mash with a fork with three tablespoons of honey.The amount of sugar in the basic structure of a cream can be somewhat reduced.Mix the banana-honey mixture with cold custard.Interesting flavor combination is obtained by using strawberries or raspberries.The cream can be an independent dessert.Arrange it by alternating layers of fruit and nuts.