Kvass from birch sap: useful properties and methods of the beverage

curative properties of fresh birch sap had been noted even by our ancestors.This drink is able to exert a beneficial effect on the entire body.Kvass from birch juice is simply irreplaceable in hot weather, it is great tones and refreshes.

Useful properties

Kvass from birch sap

This amazing drink is rich in polysaccharides - components necessary for the restoration of human energy and strength.Being a product of the natural fermentation kvass has a beneficial effect on the digestive processes and the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract.In addition, it has a slight diuretic effect, so that the body quickly cleans and excess fluid.Kvass from birch sap also contains significant amounts of potassium - a trace element, a positive effect on blood vessels and the heart.It is noted that the beverage can not be stored for more than seven days.If you want to stock up on them in the future, make kvass from birch sap.Here are a few recipes drink.

Classic kvass

This is probably the easiest recipe.To make this you will ne

ed a tonic drink half a liter of birch sap, three raisins, teaspoon of sugar and 20 grams of lemon peel.Liquid gently strain through a folded layers of cheesecloth.Raisins scald with boiling water.All components mix well, pour into an empty bottle and carefully close the lid or stopper.Several days later, the drink is ready.

Kvass from birch sap

drink prepared by the following recipe, a very useful and tasty.Necessary ingredients: three liters of juice and 50 g of yeast.How to make a brew from birch sap?Nectar slowly heat up to 30 degrees.how to make a brew of birch sap Add the yeast, stir and put on three days in a warm place.Then pour the liquid into clean bottles, zakuporte their caps or lids and store in refrigerator.

kvass with honey and lemon

To prepare a refreshing drink you will need 10 liters of juice, 50 g of yeast, diluted with water, 200 g of honey and three lemons.Strain the juice through a birch clean gauze and gently heat it.Add all ingredients and mix well.Squeeze the juice from a lemon and pour it into the main mass.Put the drink for a few days in a warm place.When he starts to wander, pour kvass into bottles and store in a cold room.

Birch drink with coffee beans and raisins

To make a brew you will need half a cup of sugar, 2.5 liter of juice, three-liter jar, a handful of coffee beans and the same number of raisins, a rubber glove and a few slices of toasted rye bread.


in a glass jar, combine all of the above components.Put the neck of a rubber glove and put the container in a dark place.When mitten filled with air, the drink is ready.

Vitamin brew

cook brew clean, dry bottle, fill ¾ of birch sap.Each add a few rose hips and a bit of dried apples.Also, put a couple of leaves of lemon balm and toasted barley grain.Put a drink in a dark place for a few days, so he had time to brew.Kvass is ready.


Boil drink three liters of juice.Add sugar to taste, and ¼ of a teaspoon citric acid.Cut slices of orange and lemon.Pour the liquid into the can and also to place the pieces of citrus fruits.After one day, the drink is ready.