Day librarian: what we know about him

Historians believe that the first library in Russia came about in 1037, still during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise.In 1795 Catherine II issued a decree established the Imperial Public Library (St. Petersburg), and it was the first in the history of the library, access to which was open to everyone.This library works to this day and is one of the largest in Russia.And 200 years later, Russian President decided that librarians should be their professional holiday, and his decree ordered to celebrate the Day of the librarian May 27.Librarian Day This date was specifically timed to the date of the decree of Catherine II.The holiday is marked by all who somehow works with books, loves and understands the value they represent to any culture.

Job librarian today

widespread use of the Internet and various modern gadgets makes the book presently as accessible as possible.In this regard, some people think that librarian profession will soon cease to exist.However, they are fundamentally mistaken.librarianship Librarian Day reminds

us of the people who will always help to choose the most interesting and useful literature to recommend the author of the said genre.In addition, they always help to understand what is read and what is a pity the time spent.Despite the fact that the work of a librarian is not as noticeable as the work of a teacher or doctor, it has a huge impact on society, and from this point of view it is difficult to overestimate.

holiday tradition

As each special date, day biblekotekarya has its customs.In the holiday often go book exhibitions, presentations of new products, meet famous authors with readers.Young talents recite their poems, read stories, sing songs.The best employees are awarded certificates and awards, presented a variety of gifts and flowers.There are many different ways to celebrate great librarian.The script can choose celebrations such that no man bydet boring.For example, it is possible to hold mini competitions with the following situations:

  1. the library came a man who does not know the Russian language.What do you do?
  2. seventh-grader asked to give her "Kama Sutra."
  3. reader came, they say, "on the fly".
  4. 10 minutes before closing and asked the student ran to find material for the course for tomorrow.What do you recommend?
  5. in the early morning of the day you find between the bookshelves of a sleeping man.


Day librarian makes one wonder about the prospects of this business.Life does not stand still, and under it all the time you need to adjust.The main purpose of the current library - this is the maximum automation of all business processes.On the one hand, it saves employees from the daily routine and do the job with a library fund more convenient, and with another - the readers will be efficient and comfortable service of search and obtaining the necessary publications.Day librarian script course, for many libraries, this means a long way, especially when you consider the size of the current financing.But there is good news that progress in this matter is still there: in the central funds generated digital content, access to which will be provided to regional stacks,.The national electronic library has collected more than 7000 electronic publications, mostly educational and scientific nature.Hopefully, this process will accelerate over time, and all the difficulties will be overcome with time.Occupation librarian in connection with this, of course, change, but nevertheless remains always with us, because it is indeed eternal.