Bifstrogany pork - ready, as in the restaurant

stroganoff - "Count" dish of Russian cuisine restaurant

interesting and unusual name of this dish is obtained thanks to Count Stroganov, who has invented a new way of cooking meat, which gave him an unusual tenderness and flavor.He suggested, first to repel large pieces, then cut them into strips.With this pre-processing, meat prepared surprisingly quickly and simply melted in the mouth because of the special sauce.Originally a dish made from veal only.In our time preparing bifstrogany pork, chicken, beef and other meat.Sauces them also are varied.The most popular beef stroganoff with cream, with the addition of tomato juice or paste.Amazing coral color dishes and combination of tenderness milk sauce with a little shade acid tomatoes makes it festive.Perhaps visiting any restaurant, you will certainly find it in the menu.We invite you to cook the meat in one of the recipes, the most common and balanced proportions combined products and seasonings.

bifstrogany pork

Necessary ingredients

- pork tenderloin -

1 kg;

- cream - 150 g;

- flour - 1 table.spoon;

- butter - 20 g;

- onions - 1 medium head;

- tomato paste - 1 table.spoon;

- broth - a half to two cups;

- sugar - 1 table.spoon;

- pepper powder bitter and sweet;

- chili;

- cumin;

- cilantro;

- parsley;

- salt to taste.

stroganoff sauce

bifstrogany How to cook pork:

  1. Cut the meat across the grain.Each piece repel the hammer through the plastic wrap.
  2. Rebuffed meat "cake" cut into thin narrow strips of 0.5 x 2 cm, salt and pepper and roll in flour.
  3. chop onion and fry in butter.
  4. put meat in a frying pan over high heat and fry it quickly, so that it was covered with a shiny golden brown.Pour into a semi-meat pan.
  5. the vacant make pan sauce befstroganova.To do this, sauté the flour in the butter until the yellow color.Then add cream, spices and tomato paste.After stirring and boiling mass acquires a beautiful coral color.
  6. Pour sauce bifstrogany pork and let simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Five minutes until cooked sprinkle with herbs.

options of how you can apply beautiful bifstrogany pork

stroganoff and cream

It is most tasty dish is successfully combined with any side dish.You can, for example, to file it with the mashed potatoes, put meat on top.Greenery to decorate the dish arugula and crunchy cornichons.Another way to design - a combination of boiled buckwheat, which is spread on the lettuce and pour stew with gravy.Another lodging option is somewhat "camp".The basis is toasted toast bread.The second layer is the lettuce, and the third - a generous spoon befstroganova.Successful additive are salted cucumbers.No matter how you complete your meal, and that will be taken as a garnish, the taste of meat masterpiece will always hit the restaurant and guests elegance.Bon Appetit!