How does the production of poisons at home

Today the theme of poison is of interest to most of the people who inhabit our planet.This is not surprising, because we live in a difficult time, during the terrorist attacks and armed clashes when morale is gradually forgotten.Many people are now interested in how the production of poisons in the home.First of all, we should remember that this kind of activity can not only deprive a person of liberty for a long time, but also be very dangerous for the manufacturer itself, because you can easily poison inhaled toxic fumes or dust.

What is poison?

manufacturing poisons in the home

So, first of all, find out what is poison.Poisons represent substances that cause poisoning of the body, or his death.However, their effects depend on the nature and dosage used and the composition.In this case, the toxic substances can be divided into twelve groups.Among them are those that affect the circulatory (hematic), nervous (neurotoxins), muscle (mitotoksiny) system as well as those that have an effect on the cells (protoplasmic poisons).

What does it do?

Making poisons in the home often comes from certain components of plants and other available tools.There is even a so-called list of the most toxic poisons that you can create at home.We consider it more detail.


So, in last place is a fungus that forms on rye, and is called "ergot".This substance causes hallucinations, which are accompanied by inappropriate behavior, it can also provoke seizures and often gangrene of the extremities.

manufacture of poisons in the house

digitalis (buttercup)

plant contains poisons such as digitalis and digitoxin, which in high doses can stop the heart.At the same time a person first begins to feel dizzy, falling pulse, shortness of breath, and then cyanosis, death occurs.


Making poisons in the home can be made from lily of the valley, because contained in it konvallomarin causes the most severe poisoning.

Castor Castor contains one of the most dangerous toxic substances - ricin, which leads to death after five days of torment.At the same time there are cramps, vomiting, internal bleeding, destruction of tissue proteins, the expansion of the lungs.It should be noted that the antidote to this poison to date there.


Production of poisons in the home still practiced by the Indians of South America.They used the plant curare.Dipped in the juice of his arm is capable of killing a large animal in ten minutes.

poisons at home Grebe

Grebe is also able to kill a man, because it contains a potent poison - amanitotoxin that can not be destroyed even after prolonged heat treatment.

stevia wrinkled

Making poisons in the home can also be made from stevia wrinkled, in the stems which is poisonous substance tremetol.By the way, it is often confused with the leaves of nettle, this is what was the cause of poisoning hundreds of people in the last century.

As used poisons?

Thus, poisons in the home to cook a little, and they should be more properly applied.For example, some are effective only when in contact with the circulatory system, stomach, they simply degrade without causing harm to the body.