How can I make Easter cards with their own hands?

First Easter is a religious holiday, but also remains and family celebrations.Usually, it is not accepted in this celebration to exchange expensive presents, but Easter cards with their own hands created from various materials, will be a good token for your loved ones.This will be a very pleasant surprise.It is particularly interesting to make such cards will be children.Having joined in the training, they will be able to feel the atmosphere of this special holiday.What kind of crafts and souvenirs you can do for Easter?

Easter cards with their own hands

Postcard Egg

Painted eggs are the most important symbol of the Resurrection.That is why Easter card is mainly used themes associated with chickens and colored eggs.This can be a false image of the eggs or the appropriate card shape, decorated using colored paper, feathers, beads, sequins.To create one of the options cards for Easter with their own hands, you will need colored cardboard, satin ribbon, patterned paper, curly scissors, glue, artificial flower and leaves.First, yo

u need to cut out of cardboard egg with curly scissors.It will be the foundation for our card.Then, out of colored paper to be cut smaller in size and detail of the glue it to the base.Below postcards attach leaves just below the leaflets glue tied with a ribbon bow in mind.Completes the composition flower.Decorate the card may also be using beads, sequins and other items.

Easter gifts with their own hands card technique "quilling"

Easter cards with their own hands will look like volume, bright and expressive, if they perform in quilling techniques.One need only pick up the tools, and even the very inspiration will come to you.To create a card, you will need a quilling tool for ordinary toothpicks, colored paper, colored paper strip width of 0.5 centimeters, glue, scissors.The creation of such an unusual gift will not take much of your time, but the result certainly will please you and your loved ones.To begin with cardboard or a special postcard paper folded in half, and in the center of the upper side of the window is cut in the shape of an egg.After this, the technique of quilling are the letters "X" and "B" which will be located in the center of the window in the second half cards.To do this using the sticks do curls at the ends colored slips and then twisted in the form of letters.To glue the letters, apply the adhesive to the edge of the strip.Also needed green leaves, cut out of colored paper with scissors, small flowers and the usual rolls - tightly rolled paper spiral.To create rolls twisted strips into a roll with a toothpick split into two halves the end.When all the details are complete, you can create a composition.Easter cards with their hands made in the technique of quilling, carried out quickly and simply, but look very unusual.

card technique "vytynanka"

Easter cards with their own hands Another interesting technique - "vytynanka."It is a delicate pattern of the paper.Such gifts for Easter with their own hands especially children love to create.The easiest way to make a Christmas card like snowflakes.To do this, cut the egg from plain paper, fold it in half with scissors and cut patterns.The second half of the cards must be in a contrasting color, such as red.Create Easter cards with their hands really like children who can show all their imagination and make a pleasant surprise and grandparents.