Pastry for pies: cook at home!

rich products like almost everything, but not every woman will dare to cook your own dough for pies.It's not so difficult.It should only follow exactly the desired proportions of the components.Here are a few recipes that make it easy to bake cakes from pastry.

Recipe №1: pastry for pies yeast Butter dough for pies


  1. Pressed yeast - about seventy grams.
  2. non-carbonated mineral water - one glass.
  3. Sugar - one tablespoon to a half cup of sourdough and dough.
  4. wheat flour - five glasses for sourdough and five for the test.
  5. pasteurized cow milk - half a glass.
  6. Butter - two hundred grams.
  7. Eggs - three.
  8. Vanilla - a third of a teaspoon.
  9. vegetable oil.
  10. Salt, kitchen - one teaspoon.

Preparation of sourdough (leaven)

The hill sifted flour make a recess which pour yeast crumbs, sugar.All mix thoroughly.Dry yeast may be pressed to replace a proportion of 3: 1.Pour into a container of flour cup of warm water (room temperature), stir.Cover with towel and leave everything in a dark warm place.

Pies from fancy pastry

Preparation of test

Warms half servings of milk.Do not boil, but when the milk becomes hot, add the butter and stir until melted the second is not.Then extinguish the fire, add vanilla and sugar.Stir until the final dissolution of bulk ingredients.

Note №1

add all the amount of sugar is only necessary if you are trying to prepare the pastry for pies with sweet filling, with a different version of just two tablespoons.All eggs thoroughly whisk with the remaining milk and stir the mixture using a whisk until homogeneity, pouring everything into a container with brew, which by that time had finished.Slowly pouring the contents into the resulting flour, knead elastic but fairly soft dough.To the mixture does not stick to hands, and the surface of the table, all the necessary pre-oiled.

Note №2

Kneading dough mass - the most important stage in the preparation.To improve the end result you need to fight off the dough, with a force several times throwing it on the table.

End of

molding of the dough into a ball, put everything in a bowl, fluff with vegetable oil.Cover with a towel, swap in a warm place, knocking the growing volume of about two times.Before baking pies tests are needed to stand for about 20 minutes.

Recipe №2: pastry for pies noodles


  1. Half a kilo of flour.
  2. One glass of milk.
  3. Thirty grams of pressed yeast.
  4. One tablespoon of sugar.
  5. from one to three eggs.
  6. Three tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  7. Half a teaspoon of salt.

Preparation of test

sugar and yeast to be dissolved in warm milk.The deepening of flour pour loose yeast.We are waiting for the fermentation process, and then add the eggs, previously beaten with salt and vegetable oil.Everything you need to thoroughly be stirred and discourage, as described in the previous recipe.Ball, increases in volume, omit twice.Pastry for pies ready!

Pastry for pies recipe

And finally ...

That's all the subtleties of cooking the product.Most likely, it will take less time than going to the store, the choice of products, which, incidentally, may be unsuccessful.The cost price can be higher than the price shopping.Butter dough for pies pastry for pies, the recipe of which was the first in this manual, take a little longer, but the finished result will exceed all expectations!Bon Appetit.