Dispel the myth: it is possible to get pregnant from men's grease?

Coitus interruptus method of contraception is not

Very often couples are protected by an interrupted sexual intercourse.PAP is not a reliable contraception, despite the fact that ejaculation occurs outside of the female genital organs.When you use this method often is conceived.A couple immediately wondering how this could happen, because the selection of sperm was not a girl?In this case, the young people are thinking: Is it possible to conceive of men greasing?

whether it is possible to conceive of men greasing Why fertilization can not happen

Predeyakulyatsionnaya liquid - it's a secret, secreted by the prostate gland.Sperm develop in the testes.Therefore, the answer to the question: "Can you get pregnant from men's grease?"- Negative.In addition, on the subject was conducted a number of studies, which resulted in the presence of sperm predeyakulyate not found.Therefore, fertilization only of grease can occur.If sexual intercourse takes place the second time in 24 hours, it is possible to get pregnant from men's grease?In this case, the concept

ion though unlikely, but possible.At the end of sexual intercourse in the channel remains a certain amount of sperm to sperm.Wash it completely at home impossible.Repeated intercourse with predsemennoy fluid and sperm are released, which is why there is a risk of fertilization.Can a woman get pregnant from grease sexual partner?Many answer this question in the affirmative.As a rule, these are people who do not have even suspended the notion that such a lubricant that it contains.So lube - it's a secret glands, secreted under strong excitation through the urethra.It performs a crucial role in fertilization.The vagina is an acidic environment, and grease or "Cowper's fluid" it cures, making favorable for sperm.Can a woman get pregnant from lubrication

interrupted briefly about sexual intercourse and its consequences

To date the option "psevdokontratseptsii" is very popular.Despite the risk to suffer the question: "Can you get pregnant from grease the guy?"- Couples still use this method.The danger lies not only in the possibility of conception, but also in the spread of infections, sexually transmitted infection and sexually transmitted diseases.This "protection" should be used only with a regular partner.If
protected by the PAP, then pregnant by men lubrication is possible if:

1) between sexual acts took place less than 24 hours;

2) in the channel member remains viable sperm.

whether it is possible to conceive of grease Man How to choose a protection against unwanted pregnancy

important to remember that coitus interruptus - the way most unreliable of all.Many gynecologists it does not relate to the methods of contraception.So it may be better to think about choosing another method of protection, so you do not worry about whether it is possible to get pregnant from men's grease?There are many options: condoms, suppositories, tablets, spirals, etc.. D. It is worth noting that the choice should be with the doctor.The gynecologist will appoint tests, the results of which will choose suitable medications for you to protect against unwanted pregnancy.