How to build a greenhouse with their own hands - useful tips

greenhouses and greenhouses - a necessary attribute of suburban area, especially in Siberia, when plant growth is not enough natural heat.You can buy ready-made designs that offer manufacturing companies.But if you can not buy enough to know how to build a greenhouse with their hands, and to cope with the problem on their own.You can use almost all available materials on the farm.

Greenhouse of window frames

For example, if you changed the apartment wooden windows with plastic, it unusable frames should be fine for the greenhouse.First, it creates a foundation.Then prepare the frame.They must be free from the hardware and disconnect the sash.Rama before the construction of greenhouses need to varnish or paint to protect them from moisture and give the design a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

how to build a greenhouse with their hands

Greenhouses Polycarbonate

choosing the appropriate option of how to make the greenhouse with their hands, as the material can be used polycarbonate.And nowhere to buy a ready-made greenhouse ha

ving an arcuate shape, and a number of disadvantages, among which are the material's ability to reflect light, so necessary for the development of plants.In addition, growers believe arched uncomfortable little space in the greenhouse, there is a feeling of discomfort.

Greenhouses with their hands

Building greenhouses

The best option would be Greenhouses with their hands from a flat sheet of polycarbonate.The length of a greenhouse is usually six, width - two and a half, and height - three and a half meters.By virtue of such a structure to build even the novice builder.Positioning it must be from west to east.As with any construction begins with the foundation of the greenhouse.It is made of concrete, brick or stone.

greenhouse frame and its shape

as a framework for greenhouse use wood or metal.But it must be understood that any material falling into the wet atmosphere, which is held in the greenhouse will be subject to destruction.Therefore, before you build a greenhouse with his hands, it is necessary to process the source material: expose its anti-corrosive and antiseptic treatment.If a greenhouse is based on a wooden frame, the last processing 5% solution of copper sulfate, it will last quite a long time - ten to fifteen years.Frame, made of galvanized steel profile, more durable, it can be in operation up to fifty years.Also suitable for the production of greenhouse area or square tube.Before you build a greenhouse with their hands, so she was quite functional and easy to grow plants, you must correctly choose the form of the future framework.It is better to make a rectangular, but the roof of a greenhouse - lean-to in the winter it does not accumulate snow.This slope of the roof should be located on the windward side.

how to make a greenhouse with their hands

The greenhouse can be equipped

you learn about how to build a greenhouse with their hands.Now you will be able to improve its structure.For example, in the construction of buildings can be carried out under the soil pipe to heat the greenhouse or inside to make a watering system.Also at the beginning of the construction is necessary to determine at what time will be operated greenhouse: seasonally or year-round.