Brandy and Coke - how to keep the proportions

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Not what industry people as ingenious as in culinary creativity.Directly concerns it and alcoholic beverages - perhaps in this area creative abilities of mankind do not get tired to evolve and improve.Why is this happening?brandy and Coke Yes, because all that gives us pleasure, takes us in the first place.A brandy and Coke is synonymous with obtaining pleasure - slowly sipping a drink, you sit in a comfortable chair by the fireplace or in the garden, admiring the gleam in the eyes of the person or the sunset, listening to music or talking to sincerely.This so-called "long drink", created to sip it slowly.

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used to be that cognac is not compatible with any other beverages that it should be used only by yourself.However, time has shown that this is not so.It is believed that the cocktail "brandy and Coke" made in the image and likeness "of vodka with juice" or "gin and tonic".Cola with cognac Generally speaking, interfere with carbonated drinks with alcohol is not recommended.Indeed, i

n this case, the alcohol quickly enters the bloodstream and is stronger.However, there is important creative component.For example, vodka with "Sprite" - an amateur, rather cheap fizzy alcoholic cocktail, there is no such sophistication that gives the brandy and Coke.And here it is important to know when to stop, and usually a successful combination of ingredients.Most likely this cocktail called "Cola cognac" - because of brandy should be quite a bit.Experts recommend a ratio of 5: 1, ie five parts soda and one - alcohol.Amateurs to experiment with flavors and their health sometimes do the opposite.However, brandy and Coke still should not be used as a "bottle of alcohol and a teaspoon of additives."Essence and gusto - in generously proportioned.Often added to the cocktail lemon or lime: it balances perfectly the combination of bitter, sweet and sour taste.If you want to taste the brandy and Coke, we recommend the following proportions: 160-200 ml of Coke (or Pepsi - as you wish), and 40-50 ml of "Hennessy", "Armagnac", or whatever is available.Do not forget the ice cubes: they only prolong the pleasure of a cocktail.Ice can be made most of the juice or plain water on the market today there are many molds for figure freeze.If desired, they can be pre-lay slices of thinly sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon.

Benefits mixing

brandy and Coke proportions Some spirits (gin, rum, etc.) is rarely used independently.They are so much astringency that swallow them in one gulp, as we "Breaking" a clean vodka fail.But they are excellent ingredients for a variety of cocktails.By the way, about the latter: try to still cook them yourself or eat in the audited areas.After all canned alcoholic cocktails, besides the degree and sweetened soda contain many colors, preservatives and other harmful substances.Your stomach and pancreas of all this load will not say thank you.But brandy and Coke, vodka with tomato or cranberry juice, gin and tonic in moderation and respect of proportions not inflict a crushing blow on health.